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In Dowry, The Groom Stunned The Father-in-law By Asking For 1,001 Tree Saplings!

When a girl gets married in India, most of the times, people focus on giving dowry even when men refuse to accept it.

Here is a case of a school teacher named Sarojkanta Biswal who hails from the coastal Kendrapara village in Odisha. When he refused to take dowry from the girl's family, her folks demanded that he take something from them, and this was when he came up with a great idea of demanding 1,001 tree saplings!

Instead Of Dowry The Groom Wanted Saplin

Well, Sarojkanta demanded that he received 1,001 tree saplings from his bride's father and it took no time for his father-in-law to oblige to his unique demand!

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The Man Is Sarojkanta Biswal

Sarojkanta is a 32-year-old man, who teaches science at Jagannath Vidyapith school in the village. He is a social activist too who had a childhood dream to have a "green wedding".

The Custom Of Society

His father-in-law asked Sarojkanta who was getting married about his dowry demands, and when Sarojkanta revealed that he did not believe in taking any dowry, the man was pleased. But yet, the bride's father insisted him to at least accept something, as it is a custom in their society that the groom takes something from the girl's side.

His Demand Surprised The Bride's Family!

Since he was supposed to take something from his would-be wife's house, he decided to ask his father-in-law for 1,001 tree saplings! His unique demand caught the attention of many people who joined the couple in their celebrations.

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His Idea Of His Dream Wedding

Sarojkanta had promised himself that he would never take dowry. He believes in the teaching that dowry is ethically wrong. This was something that he was taught in school by his teachers.

His Unique Dowry Was Given To Him

Just before the wedding day Sarojkanta's would be father-in-law sent tree saplings in a small van. Biswal and the would-be-bride Rashmi, who is also a teacher, are said to have distributed over 700 mango and bakul saplings among the villagers. The remaining 300 seedlings that they had got as "dowry" were given off to the villagers in their reception.

Biswal had chosen the fruit-bearing trees as it would incline the people to take care of the saplings.

The "Green Wedding"

To make the wedding all "green wedding", the family decided to avoid bursting of firecrackers. Even the DJ music during the time of marriage procession was not allowed.

More About This Interesting Groom

Biswal is an active member of 'Vikas Parishad,' which is an organisation that focuses on preserving the environment. The motto of his organisation is "Gachha Ti Pai Saathi Tiye" which means there should be one friend for every tree!

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