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    To Cure His Constipation, He Inserted A 30-cm Eggplant!

    Have you ever imagined that most of the bizarre stories happen mostly in China? Well, China is a place which has never disappointed us with its viral and bizarre stories.

    Today, we bring in one more stunning story from China, which would make you think of the most bizarre things that happen in this country.

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    We often hear the famous saying, 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach', but is that really the case?

    Weird Case Of A Woman Who Has Balloons Inserted In Her Face

    This is the case of a man who inserted a 30-cm eggplant up his anus and all this was to cure himself from the tension of being constipated for a while!

    Sounds weird, right? But, hell yeah, it is a fact and imagine the eggplant being 30 cms and completely inserted inside his anus, which even apparently touched his lungs!

    Whoa! Keep reading as we share more details about the entire episode...

    He Wanted To Try Home Remedies

    The unnamed man was left with a red face after the media houses covered his bizarre treatment story of curing constipation that landed him in the hospital!

    He Thought Of The Most Unexpected Thing!

    Wonder what made the man use his wildest of imagination to cure himself of the constipation that he was suffering from, and hence decided to insert an eggplant up his anus to relieve himself from the condition.

    The Story Continues!

    Well, the thought of inserting an eggplant can be bizarre in its own way and using a 30-cm-long healthy vegetable up the anus was nothing but sheer stupidity. And the vegetable slipping up inside his body was not surprising!

    It Hurt Him Internally

    Being embarrassed about the slipped eggplant inside the body, the man did not approach the medics. Apparently, he thought the vegetable could act as a laxative to help with his constipation. But it took him 2 days to understand the intensity of the act that he had done. He meet the medics and revealed of what he had done.

    On Examination!

    When the doctors examined his condition, they got a shock when they saw the eggplant touching one of his lungs and his intestine also had been hurt in the process.

    The Man Was Operated

    Without wasting any further time, the man was put on sedatives and doctors had to do a surgery to remove the vegetable from his body and they even measured the eggplant and found it to be 30-cm long! The man is stable now.

    The Extra Dose

    According to medical reports, it turns out two-thirds of patients who come in with these sorts of emergencies are males in their 30s-50s. Most of these cases are done by men who are looking out for external pleasure!

    What is your take on this story? Correct us if we are wrong, but if you are feeling a bit constipated, don't you wish things to just come out, rather than go in?

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    Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Monday, June 11, 2018, 15:45 [IST]
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