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    He Has Microchips Injected In His Hands That Let Him Control Electronic Items

    Have you ever wondered what if you could just scan your finger and open a digital door? Seems like a superpower, right?

    Well, here is a man who is a self-declared 'cyborg.' He has injected microchips into his hands and wrists. These microchips act as the keys to his front door, motorcycle and even his secret drawers at his home!

    Russ Fox

    Check out the story of this Canadian man named Russ Foxx, 36, who has had more than 100 body alterations that range from ultraviolet tattoos to silicon horns and these have been implanted into his forehead.

    Foxx is a body modification artist who recently showcased some of the many uses of the chips that he has injected under his skin. These microchips also can unlock a handmade wooden concealment table easily.

    Since the modifications that he has made are believed to be extreme, he says that 'anyone who carries keys' could be benefitted from these chip implants as they are no larger than a grain of rice.

    According to him, the process of implanting the self-installed RFID which is radio frequency identification and the NFC - near-field communication transponders is said to take just a few seconds.

    He reveals that the surgery is painless as the implants are just 2 mm by 12 mm in size.

    Foxx further added that installing these chips under the skin requires no batteries or charging as the chips are powered by electromagnetic induction which is generated when it is close to the designated readers.

    What do you think of creativity? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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