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Food Superstitions Found Only In India

When a cat crosses your path, do you stop and wait for others to pass by? Well, if you are an Indian, then you should know that it is one of the most common things that Indians believe in!

Well, we are here to share some of the most bizarre superstitions that Indians follow regarding food. Though this may make you skip a breathe on how food is being used in superstition, we are here to enlighten you on the same!

Check out some of the most bizarre and weird beliefs that you would have even heard of. Find out more...

Eating Curd Before Doing Something Auspicious

It is just not in movies that you would see a mother running behind her kid and feeding him a spoon of curd mixed with sugar! Well, this is the most common superstition that Indians follow!

How did it even come into practice?

Well, this age old practice has been explained in the Vedic scriptures with a rather convincing logic. It is revealed that when you are tensed, it can take a toll on your stomach too. Since, yogurt is a probiotic, it has a cooling effect while a little bit of sweetness has always known to be soothing.

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Hanging Lemons And 7 Green Chilies Outside Shops

When you buy a new car or start a new shop, you would often see the elders in the family doing this trick. You would see them tie the lemons and add green chillies at the rare or the front part of the vehicle.

But how did it even come into practice?

It is believed that the sour and pungent foods would keep the evil energies away and prevent them from entering your space. Well, we don't know how true that is but this belief may help you to keep the pests away!

The Twin Yolk!

How lucky we feel when we get two yolks in a single egg! But hey, hold on, it also has its share of superstition! It is believed that when you break an egg and find two yolks instead of one, then there are chances of having twins or a wedding happening in the family.

But how did it even start?

We got no clue on how this belief started, but it still excites on getting the extra yolk!

Using Ghee In Diyaa!

We bet, burning diyaas with ghee is a costly affair! But ghee is considered to be a sacred ingredient among the Hindus.

All about the belief!

It is believed that instead of oils, if one lights diyas with ghee, it can bring in positive energies, and keep the evil energies away.

Spilling Of Salt!

There are many beliefs regarding salt. The most common superstition associated with salt is about the spilling of salt. People believe that spilling salt brings bad luck. Another belief about salt is that the salt should be dissolved in water before discarding instead of throwing it directly.

How the belief started?

It is believed that salt kept in a bowl is said to absorb negative energies. (The research to prove this belief is still on!!)

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Borrowing Milk After Sunset

Just the way people believe about spilling of salt, the same logic of spilling milk is considered! Spilling of milk is also not considered a good omen. It is considered to be inauspicious when people lend milk after the sun sets!

All about the belief!

According to the belief, the pastoral and farming community believe that it reduces the milk produced by the cattle. Hence, they never believe in lending milk after sunset!!

Do you know any more superstitions regarding food? Let us know in the comment section and we shall update the same!

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