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    Real-life Story Of The Boy Who Was Born Without Nose

    This is a real-life story of a young boy who was unique in his own way and yet made the world happy with his infectious smile and generous attitude.

    This is the story of Eli Thompson Finch who was also known as the boy without a nose.

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    Here, in this article, we bring in the details of the life of Eli Thompson Finch and how he made a difference in the lives of his loved ones.

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    His Deformity Was A Surprise

    During the pregnancy, Jeremy and the step-mom Annamarie got a surprise when they saw the child after birth, as there was no indication of anything wrong with the pregnancy. But when Eli was born, they discovered something that almost no-one had ever seen before. He was born without a nose!

    He Was A Premature Kid

    He was born on March 4th, 2015, in Alabama. His birth mom, Brandi McGlathery, was just over eight months when she went into labour during her pregnancy, which meant that not only was Eli born without a nose, but he was also a premature baby.

    Her Bones Were Broken Even Before She Was Born!

    His Condition

    His condition is known as arhinia, which means "without a nose". When one looks at the photos, you woud think that his face has been photoshopped, but it was all real, and super rare. Doctors reveal that this condition affects only about 1 in 200 million births. Apparently, there have only ever been 44 recorded cases in history of the rare condition, which is known to cause this.

    He Was A Fighter

    Though he was born prematurely and without the ability to breathe through his nose, medics revealed that babies born with this condition didn't make it through their first few days; however, Eli seemed to be a great fighter. They used a special feeding tube, as he started breathing straight away.

    Growing Up Was Not So Easy

    Breastfeeding Eli was simply out of question, hence the doctors devised a simple tube feeding method that served in its place before he grew old enough to handle the process himself.
    He Was The Happiest Child Ever

    Though he suffered from the rarest condition, it never brought Eli down. From day one, he was the happiest kid around, as he always took everything in his stride and never complained or fussed about his condition.

    Final Moments Of The Girl Who Was Trapped For 3 Days!

    Yet Eli Struggled Every Day!

    Even though Eli had the brightest smile, the young fighter struggled every day with his facial deformity. Yet, this didn't stop him from growing up with an endless love for life.

    He Had A Speech Problem

    With his deformity, Eli faced speech problems as well. To overcome this, he learnt to use sign language instead and he became the most popular kid in childcare, as he discovered the sign for "cookie". In no time, this became his favourite sign every morning, and it even earned him the "Cookie Monster Award" in his childcare centre.

    But On A Fine Day!

    Though the boy proved to be a fighter every single day, he gave up on a fine day, as he passed away suddenly. It looked like the struggle had finally become too much for the brave soul.

    Yet The World Remembers Him

    Though it was a major loss for his family as they gathered the courage to get strong, the people who knew this little soul could not forget him as well. His bravery could be a lesson to us all when we struggle through things in our lives.

    Wish to read any more interesting stories like these? Then, let us know in the comment section below.

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