Disgusting Video Of Peon Spitting In A Judge’s Glass Of Water

Using a hidden camera to find out the real face of an individual sometimes gives us the shock of our lives when we realise how disgusting and low an individual can go.

Here is the case of a peon from Aligarh, India, where the man was caught spitting in the water glass of a lady judge!

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The entire episode was clearly caught on the camera and we wonder what made him do this!

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Check out on the details of this bizarre incident...

The Act

This shocking incident of the office boy/peon of a lady judge in Aligarh was caught on camera when he used to spit in the glass of water that he used to serve her to drink.

The Video Has Gone Viral

The video of the act of this disgusting peon has become viral on social media. The video shows that the peon calmly pours the water from a water bottle of the judge in a steel glass, he then waits for a few seconds and then spits in that glass of water. After that, he is seen quietly going with the glass to serve the water to the lady judge.

The Judge Felt Something Fishy

According to a report, the judge felt something fishy in the water that she drank from it. Apparently, the peon often used to serve the judge water from her own water bottle. When her suspicion grew stronger, she quietly turned on a mobile camera and placed it on the table in her office.

The Reason Is Still Not Known

When the peon's act was caught on the camera, he was suspended immediately and an inquiry was set to find out the motive behind doing such an act! But it is reported that the man refused to give an explanation about his act.

A Similar Incident

A similar incident was reported where a peon from Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh was reportedly urinating in the drinking water of a judicial officer. Later on, the case was registered against the accused peon.

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These cases make us wonder as to what goes on the minds of these people before they do such disgusting acts! What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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