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    On TANTRIK's ADVICE Man Swallowed Mobile And Other Metal Objects!

    This is a case that will make you wonder on how dumb an individual can be! This is the case of a man who was completely blind-folded by a Tantrik faith!

    A man from Uttar Pradesh was so desperate to get married that he wanted to try on all possible ways, which could make him lucky in terms of getting married.

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    Check out on the details of how he swallowed a mobile phone and other metallic objects!

    He Was Desperate To Get Married

    He was a 42-year-old man who had turned desperate to get married and he had blind faith in a tantrik who gave him the idea to swallow metallic items and as a result, it would help him get lucky for his wedding.

    But He Landed In A Hospital

    The blind faith and the desperation of the man eventually landed him in a hospital. He had reportedly swallowed metallic items like mobile phone, keys, wire, and even glass. He ate all these things on the advice of the tantrik.

    This Is The Black Magic Capital Of India 

     He Was Told...

    The unnamed man who had apparently swallowed all these different metallic objects claimed that if he did so, then there would be nothing in this world that would stop him from getting married.

    The Case Came To Light When...

    Apparently, the man complained of severe stomach pain and the doctors advised him that he had to undergo an X-ray. The screen of the X-ray machine left the doctors stunned.

    WTF Gross Facts That Will Freak You Out!!

    There Was So Much Metal In His Stomach!

    The doctors revealed that they were so shocked when they saw so many different metal objects in his body, which even included a mobile phone! A surgery was immediately conducted and all the metal and other foreign objects were removed and extracted from his body.

    Why Are Lemons Used In Black Magic? 

    However, The Doctors Believe...

    Though the man claims that he was advised by the tantrik to consume metal objects, it may not be true and the man might be suffering from a medical condition. The doctor claims that people who suffer from the depressed condition often claim to have suicidal thoughts and to get some relief, they at times swallow metal objects!

    Whatever may be the medical condition or the tantrik's advice, it still makes us wonder which mobile phone had the man really swallowed? What do you think?

    Let us know in the comment section below and for more bizarre stories, keep checking our section.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 13, 2018, 16:02 [IST]
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