Pick An Ancient Symbol, It Reveals Your Answers To Your Current Situation

All that you need to do is pick any of the ancient symbol and find out on what your current situation is all about!

Pick any one of the below-mentioned ancient symbols and find out on what is in store for you!

If you have been wondering on why all ancient symbols are used, we reveal that each and every one of these signs are believed to bring in happiness and prosperity to the followers on their respective cultures and cults.

Choosing these ancient symbols means that you will be connecting to the one that makes you emotionally charged.

Pick one and find out on what is in store for you.


If You Chose The North Star

The North Star or the Pole Star has stood for a goal or a destination. If you chose this sign, it means that you have a project in mind. It is something you have been planning inside your mind for a long time. The star stands for the direction you need to take, which means the forward direction. Put in a little extra effort and maybe fortune will stand by you.

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If You Chose The Trinity Sign

This is the sign of God. This sign has been long associated with meditation because of the supremely divine dilemma. If you chose this sign, it means that you are at a crossroads in life, it means that you need to introspect and meditate on the decisions that you have made recently.


If You Chose The Magic Or The Pentacle

This is a symbol of mystical and ‘feminine' of things. If you choose this, then you are blessed. There are many people out there who wish to be fellow-travelers on the path that you have chosen for yourself. You need to cast aside your fears and go on your path and you never know how magical things can happen.

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If You Chose The Wheel Of Law

This wheel represents the Emperor Asoka and has eight spokes, which symbolises the Shakyamuni's Eight Fold Path of correct conduct and correct living. If you chose this, then you are a person who has been living to your fullest expectations and aspirations. This ancient symbol is here to remind you of the dedication and determination and noble path that you must tread to become successful.

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If You Chose The Holy Symbol Of OM

Om was the harbinger of the creation of the Universe itself. It is the most auspicious sign that embodies the entirety of creation in it. It brings in prosperity to people who keep it in some form. Choosing this symbol means, it is time to be grateful for everything that you have received and will receive in the near future.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 18:56 [IST]
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