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What Does Your Sleeping Position Reveal About You?

According to science our subconscious state of mind defines our body language and exposes the real side of ours. Psychologists reveal that one cannot fake themselves when they are sleeping or when they are in their unconscious state of mind.

A person's sleeping position can reveal a lot about his/her personality. Here, we bring to you the 4 most common positions that most of us sleep in.

What Does Your Sleeping Position Reveal About You?

Wish to know what your sleeping position says about you? Then, read below.


The Fetal Position

This position is one of the most common positions in which most of us sleep in. The name of this position defines it to the baby who is present in a mother's womb. This position reveals about the insecurities of the person and it represents the loneliness of an individual. Such individuals desire to have the attention of someone special in their lives all the time.


The Back Position

In this position, the individuals sleep flat on their back with their arms near their body. This position is also referred to as the 'Soldier Position'. People who sleep in this position are individuals who speak less and perform more. They are typically reserved and confident. They also have high "psychological powers."

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The Stomach Sleepers

This position is also known as the free-falling position. These individuals illustrate boldness and anxiousness. They are the ones who wish to take in-charge of something. Apart from this, they are goal-oriented and focused in their lives and are ready to face the criticism for just anything.

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The Side Loggers

People who sleep on one side or the other are said to be calmer when compared to other types of people. They are overly trusting most of the times. The world does not bother them as much. They are outgoing and charismatic, and are a fun person to talk to at parties.

So, what is your sleeping position? Let us know in the comment section below.

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