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    She Is 37 Years Old And Lives Trapped In The Body Of A Baby!

    A woman who is 37 years old is living a life where she seems to be trapped in the body of a 9-month-old baby due to a medical condition.

    The saddest bit is that she was born with this condition that left her with no option of never growing up! This condition that she suffers from was caused due to the medical ignorance, as it could have been cured with the right medication.

    A 37 Year Old With A Rare Disease

    Be it either her physical growth or her mental state of mind; poor Maria Audete do Nascimento seems to be suffering from a never-changing medical condition of hypothyroidism.

    Real-life Story Of The Man Who Was Trapped In A Child's Body

    Find out more about her condition and her life...

    She Was Born In Brazil

    Maria Audenete Ferreira do Nascimento was born on May 7, 1981, in Ceara, Brazil. This makes her 37 years old, but she doesn't look a day over nine months old!

    She Was Born With The Condition

    Maria suffers from the rare and severe case of hypothyroidism at birth. This left her with a significant deficiency of thyroid hormones.

    She Was Nine Months Old When She Started Suffering

    When Maria was nine months old, the autoimmune disease that she was suffering from had stopped her from developing physically, mentally, and cognitively.

    If She Had Been Given The Correct Medication At Birth

    The most annoying bit about Maria's condition is that it could have been cured or it could have been managed, at the very least, if she was given the correct medication at birth.

    About The Condition

    The most common cause of hypothyroidism is mainly due to iodine deficiency. The thyroid glands seem to be found in the neck. It is said to influence our metabolism as well as our protein synthesizing capabilities. Apart from this, it can also affect physical, mental and cognitive ability as well.

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    She Is Lucky As She Has Her Family By Her Side

    Though Maria suffers from this rare condition, it is her family's love that makes her strong. Her step mom Francisca "Doura" Dos Santos believes that Maria is a gift from God. She has been taking care of her since her biological mother passed away and her father remarried her!

    What Are Your Thoughts?

    So after seeing her state, how many times do you think that life being a baby is way too perfect as there are no tensions? Or do you feel being trapped in the body of a baby seems to be a great idea? Would you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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