Why Do Judges Break The Nib After Signing A Death Sentence?

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For certain heinous crimes, a person is sentenced to death. But every time you hear about a prisoner being sentenced to death, be it in movies or real life, the first thing that strikes to our mind is about the judge breaking the nib of the pen after passing the death sentence.

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Ever wondered why do judges break the pen nib after passing a death sentence? Is it necessary that the pen nib should be broken, or is there a reason behind breaking of the pen nib?

There are many thoughts that go on in our mind and here we are to clear all of your doubts about the same and give reasons as to why the judges break the pen nibs, specifically after sentencing death to any prisoner.

Find out the reasons below.


It Is A Symbolic Act

It is considered to be a symbolic act. It symbolises that no person should ever do this crime again and the pen with which the person is sentenced to death also should never be used for the same purpose again.


The Pen Was “Tainted” !

The nib is broken in order to do away with the "tainted" pen, as the death sentence was announced using it. It is also a way to show that the judge distances himself from the act of the crime and accordingly has passed the judgement.


Other Judges Do Not Have The Power!

Once the judge breaks the nib of the pen, other judges do not have the power to review the case or the judgement after it has been signed. And the judge himself also has no rights in changing his decision.

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To Ensure That Nobody Repeats Such A Crime

This is also done to ensure that the crime is not repeated again by any other person or the punishment would be this severe!


Or As The Old Saying Goes...

‘A court that puts a man to death once in seventy years is soaked in blood. The death sentence is a sad, but sometimes necessary thing, and breaking the pen used to carry it out expresses that sorrow.'

If you have such interesting questions, then do leave your comments below and we shall find the answers for them!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 5, 2017, 15:25 [IST]
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