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    Types Of Friends Worth Fighting For

    Friendship is one of the most cherished bonds among people, when it is about friends, there is no stopping one. We may have really good friends throughout our life, but it is only during our testing times that our real friends stand by us and show their support.

    Here are some of the signs that can make you realise if your friend is worth fighting the world for, or if he/she is just good being friends with but not your best friend at heart!

    So, what are you waiting for? Check out for these signs and decide for yourself.


    Friends Who Make Time For Each Other

    There are countless details to every great friendship. Making time for each other is the basic foundation for this friendship. The key is to hang in, stay connected, or fight for them, and even let them fight for you! In other words, these are the guys who will be just around you at any given point of time.


    Friends Who Are Willing To Put In The Necessary Effort

    Healthy, long-term relationships are simply amazing, but at the same time, they are rarely easygoing. This is because they require flexibility and compromise. If you find your friend to constantly support you and put in all the effort in showing how much you mean, this friend is worth keeping.

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    Friends Who Believe In Each Other

    When your friend claims to believe in you and you get to know that they have been talking behind your back, then you need to be careful, my friend. On the other hand, a true best friend would never talk behind your back. And this friend would believe in you, no matter what the others around you claim to show you.


    Facing Challenges And Weaknesses Together

    During the worst of times, you tend to learn who your real friends are, as they stand by you and face the challenges and weaknesses together. They would not leave you to suffer alone, as they feel that everything will be alright soon. Do not go by the friends who are seen advising you on how to go about and not helping you in the need of the hour.

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    Friends Who Tell The Truth

    Friendships based on lies always die young. But when it comes to real friends, they are blunt and do not hesitate to discuss the truth, as they care for you. If the friend sugar coats their talk, they are not worth being your bestie.

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    Story first published: Monday, November 20, 2017, 21:15 [IST]
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