Things You Did Not Know About Bill Gate's Lifestyle

By shibu purushothaman

With a net worth of 89.3 billion USD in 2017, Bill Gates makes his place in the top 5 richest men in the world. Founder of the biggest computer software company, Bill Gates is a successful entrepreneur who prefers living a very simple life.

The Microsoft founder has been keeping himself busy, since he stepped out as a CEO of the company at the tender age of 17 years. The success of Bill Gates is years of sheer hard work, dedication and entrepreneurship qualities.

bill gates

When you are one among the richest persons in the world, there isn't anything you can't afford, right? Nothing can be impossible to the richest person, as we know money has no limitation for them!

Being the wealthiest person in the world, one may assume that Gates may have multiple luxurious villas, expensive things inside the house, several vehicles, private jet and other luxury items.

Well,if you have always thought about the rich lifestyle of Bill Gates, here we mention to you everything about him in detail.

Check out the insanely expensive things about Bill Gate's lifestyle!!!

Well, before we start with the article, let us tell you one thing - Bill Gates lives a very simple life.


1. Bill Gates Loves Doing The Dishes At Home

It is quite difficult to accept the fact that the world's richest man loves washing his own dishes at home. Bill Gates, being a rich man,can afford a number of people to wash his dishes at home; but the man loves washing his own dishes at night. Whether it's just a way to boost stress or take some time for yourself, Bill loves doing his home chores. He feels washing dishes can help to relax his mind.


2. He Is An iPhone Lover

Bill who is still the face of Microsoft has bought himself an iPhone. During an interview, Bill Gates said that he bought an iPhone for the first time and is extremely impressed by its features. He did not ditch using his Microsoft phone but has admitted that iPhone is much better than those phones. The last information updated on the internet was that Bill Gates uses iPhone 5s.


3. Xanadu

Xanadu is the most important part of Bill Gate's lifestyle! With a remarkable 6000 square feet, it took seven long years to build the most expensive house in the world. Today, it is said that the property is more than 123$ million dollar worth. Wait, the house is so big that the house can accommodate 150 people at one time. With 24 bathrooms, a swimming pool, 2100 square foot library, home theatre, etc., Xanadu is so gigantic that Bill pays solely around 1 million in property taxes for the same.


4. Impressive Collection Of Cars

After spending a hell lot of money in purchasing Xanadu, Bill Gates owns an impressive collection of a car in his garage. Bill once said that he is clearly a Porsche fan. He owns some of the rare models, including the 1988 959 Coupe and the 930 Turbo. Today, it is said that Bill Gates owns 23 cars in his garage. Porsche 959 Coupe is one of the rarest car models owned by Bill Gates, as just 337 models of the same car was produced.


5. His Children Will Not Inherit Anything

Being a billionaire, everyone thinks that the billionaire fortune would be passed on to the children. However, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have made it clear that over the years, their children will not inherit anything. Bill said that they will be given the best education and he wants them to go out in the world and start their own business. While gates won't allow his kids to be poor but he wants them to start their own career. He simply won't allow his kids to enjoy the money he has earned.


6. He Keeps Monitoring The Tree

Being Bill Gates has always carried a lot of responsibilities! As a burden, Bill Gates has found out his unique ways to find peace and keep his mind calm. It is said that Bill Gates developed a special bond with a tree in his own house. This thread is 40 years old and is near his driveway. This tree is kept under monitorization under 24 hours. Bill Gate says monitoring this tree is an addiction, which he has developed over the years.

These things prove that even the richest man in the world lives a very simple and easy life. Bill Gates, you're special to us!

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    Story first published: Monday, November 27, 2017, 12:24 [IST]
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