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    Surprising Things That Can Kill Your Sex Drive During Honeymoon

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    Honeymoon season is here, which means most of the couples are busy booking their tickets or have already planned on the destinations to visit during their honeymoon period.

    The honeymoon is so much a part of today's marriage, as it provides an opportunity for the couple to know each other closely.

    It is the best period when you can celebrate your marriage with your partner and gather some moments which you would cherish lifelong.

    Because honeymoon is the time when you both celebrate your togetherness, both physically and mentally, there are some things to consider in mind.

    Here, we mention to you the things that can kill your sex drive during the tour! And hence, it is highly recommended you stay away from these.


    1. Too much caffeine or alcohol

    Consuming too much caffeine or alcohol can be one among the reasons which can lead to low sex drive in a person. Caffeine is said to be a stimulant, which can lead to anxiety issues in a person, thus lowering the sex drive. Also, boozing can lower the sex drive, as it is bad for the quality of orgasm and erection. Too much caffeine or alcohol can lower the stability on bed.


    2. Tiring Yourself

    While on honeymoon, you should try to relax as much as you can. Working out too much or tiring yourself can kill the sex drive of a person. According to studies, it was found that lack of sleep can lead to negative effect while trying to get turned on. So, it is always good to relax and enjoy your honeymoon days.


    3. Stay Away From New Medication

    If you have recently started taking any new medication, it is sure to kill your sex drive. Chances are consuming new medicine can lead to anxiety issues in a person and also affect your libido. So, if you feel that you struggle to get turned on after having a particular medication, you should stop taking it for a while. You can also speak to a doctor about this problem.


    4. Snoring Issues

    Whether you're snoring or your partner is snoring, snoring has always been responsible for killing the sex drive in a person. While on your honeymoon, you should consult your doctor and opt for easy ways to prevent snoring. One rare fact about snoring is, it can deplete the testosterone level in both men and women and hence you should opt for natural methods to treat them.


    5. Eat This, Not That!

    There are specific foods which can kill the sex drive. You should prevent consuming too much spicy food. Consuming spicy food can decrease the testosterone in a person. Also, other foods like mint, flax seed products, strawberries, soy, beets and carbohydrate-rich foods can take a toll on your sex life during the honeymoon period. So, you should consume food after taking proper precautions.


    6. Stay Away From Dairy Products

    You should stay away from milk products, as it can affect oestrogen or testosterone level in a person. Testosterone is an important hormone that can fuel the sex drive. Consuming dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, etc., can lower the testosterone and increase the level of oestrogen in a person. Consuming too much of dairy products can lead to anxiety issues in a person.


    7. Stay Away From Cannabis

    Most of the people enjoy having weed with their better ones. Smoking pot surely has its own benefits, but when it comes to sex life, it can destroy it completely. Whether you smoke it or add it to your meals, consuming cannabis can kill sex drive in a person. According to the studies, it is said that marijuana can decrease the level of testosterone within 24 hours after its consumption.

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