These Tigers Are Grabbing Attention For All The Wrong Reasons!

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When a person eats extra, he/she would definitely gain weight, but what happens when animals get obese? This is what exactly happened to tigers in a zoo from China.

These pictures are of tigers who have become obese, as they are being overfed. This is raising the concern of their health, as the tigers do not seem to enjoy their new weight gain.

Check out this weird story of tigers who look really chubby, but are not very healthy! These pictures for sure give a whole new meaning to the term 'fat cat'.


Where Can One Find These Chubby Tigers?

These tigers are seen in the Siberian Tiger Park, which is the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in the world at present. There are 90 big cats that were born in 2016 alone in this zoo.


Pics Of These Tigers Went Viral

The pictures of these rather chubby Siberian tigers who are seen lolling around at a zoo in northeast China's Harbin province went viral instantly after visitors showed their concern regarding the tigers here being overweight.


Caretakers Claim That It Is Natural For Tigers To Be Obese

The caretakers claimed that it is natural for the tigers to overeat during the winter months. This is generally done by the tigers to survive the harsh Siberian winters.


Internet Trolling…

Some of the social media users have trolled about these obese tigers that they were a little over-indulgent over China's Spring Festival, which happened recently.

We only hope these tigers get back to their lean mean size and not stay obese this way, as it is not good for their health!

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