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1 kg Mass Of Wood And Plastic Discovered In A Boy's Stomach

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Some of the things that people eat can shock the world, as the list includes some of the most bizarre stuff. This includes eating bulbs to some of the nastiest things.

Amidst these kinds of bizarre things that people eat, a recent case was reported where a young boy from India was suffering from a bizarre eating disorder in which he ate wood!

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The doctors claim that his survival is a miracle, as there was a knot that had formed in his stomach and it did not let a drop of water to seep in!

Check out more details of this case...


The Boy Is 16 Years Old

The young boy is 16 years old named Arjun Sah, from India. He had a secret addiction to chewing on shreds of plastic and lumps of wood, and many other things that would keep him busy.


He Suffered From Pica

Doctors claim that the young man suffers from Pica, which is an eating disorder. In this disorder, people are often seen relishing on things that have zero nutritional value. The list can include any of the bizarre things. In this case, it was wood, rubber and plastic!


He Had Complained Of Abdomen Pain

Arjun had apparently complained of severe abdomen weight and he had lost over 15 kg in a week's time. The doctors assumed it to be an ulcer, but the shocking revelation only happened when they inserted a camera into his stomach to find the root cause of his pain.


He Was Operated Immediately

The moment the doctors discovered the actual pain, they did not waste time and instead operated on the boy twice and were able to extract 300 grams of the materials.

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He Needs To Undergo More Surgeries

Doctors claim that though they were able to extract 300 grams of the wood from the boy's stomach, there was 700 grams still left inside his stomach and this needed a minimum of 2 surgeries. The boy was lucky enough however to have survived this condition.

We hope he makes a speedy recovery. What is your take on this? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, November 13, 2017, 18:21 [IST]
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