Single? Fake About Your Valentine; Like A Boss!

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Being single sucks; and if you are single on a Valentine's day, then for sure you would be depressed to some extent. Tired of hearing on how good it is to have a valentine? Or how well you can spend time with your valentine... Blah blah blah...

Well, an amateur photographer named 'Rain Yokohama', from Thailand, has the best hacks of how a person can fool their friends into believing that they have been hitched!

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All these pictures make us believe that true love exists and loving your ownself is what one needs to do!

Check out these hilarious pictures of how you can dupe your friends this Valentine's day!


Damn They Look So Cute Together!

This is a way to fool your friends about how you shared your lunch with your valentine!


She Loves To Doodle!

How cute is that, but we must say, this guy has muscles that are REALLY flexible!


Rubbing Stray Food From His Lips!

How romantic is that, unless you see the actual scene!


Being Creative!

Though this idea is not a slick, yet one must appreciate the effort that has gone in and hats off to the lighting!

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Cuddle Time!

This is a common way to fool others by self hugging. But do make sure you paint your nails to make your fake girlfriend look real!


Stroking Her Hair While She Is Sleeping!

Wow! This looks so romantic, but hey wait! This is so much lies!


Intimate Scenes!

This looks so real, unless it has been captured full! For sure, this photographer knows how to fool one!


Holding Hands Forever!

Do paint your nails and be a yoga guru like him to get the perfect click!

Check out more images of this amazingly talented photographer in the link below.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2017, 16:17 [IST]
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