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5 Ways Your Fingers Reveal The Type Of Man You Are

It is believed that hands can reveal a lot about your personality. It talks about your grooming habits, your occupation and lots more... But do you realize that fingers also reveal a lot more than this?

Yes, as per certain studies, a man's finger (its length and size) can reveal a lot about the kind of man he is.

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If your index finger is said to be shorter than your ring finger, this specific digit ratio-is known as the 2D:4D, which means that the second-digit length is divided by the fourth-digit length. The 2D:4D ratio is known to be linked to a man's character. This can indeed signify the kind of man one is.

So, here are 5 traits that your fingers can reveal about your personality, dear men. Do read on.



If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you're predisposed to promiscuity. Studies have found that around 53% of the women and 43% of men are more inclined to being faithful, while the 57% of men and 47% of women are more inclined to cheat.



Researchers found that men with short index fingers and long ring fingers are, on an average, nicer towards women. On the other end, men who have larger 2D:4D digit ratios are said to have quarrelsome behaviours.


Desire To Have More Kids

Men with smaller digit ratios are also inclined to having more children. This was revealed in a study. They have more harmonious relationships with women and maintenance of relationships with women comes quite naturally to them.


Willingness To Compromise

Men who have small digit ratios reported approximately one-third of a more agreeable behaviour and one-third of fewer quarrelsome behaviours than men with large digit ratios, researchers suspect they're also more willing to compromise.


Listening Skills

When with women, men with smaller digit ratios are more likely to listen attentively, smile and laugh, or compliment the other person, according to the reports. So do you think your man's personality is defined well enough now? Go check what his fingers reveal!

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