Hilarious Pics Of Kids When They Are Left Alone For Sometime

Kids are spontaneous no doubt and they can do anything easily. Constant monitoring of them is required to avoid any kind of a havoc. These cute little monsters are dangerous when you leave them alone for even 5 minutes.

If these little kids are left home alone for even 5 minutes, you can see the entire house go upside down and this can make you wonder how could they even think of this!

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Most of the images that we have shared in this article are hilarious, funny and way too cute!

Check out the pictures of these innocent-looking kids who've entirely and single-handedly messed the whole area around when they were left alone at home for sometime!


When The Kid Decides To Play With Colours!

This cute dog has a lot of patience, we must say, as it let his sibling colour him up! It looks like this little kid loves art and seems to have a good idea of blending the colours on his pet!


Decorating The Cycle!

This cycle has been decorated by the owner's daughter who simply wanted to decorate her dad's cycle. And according to her, this is how one could decorate the cycle with teddy bears! We must surely appreciate the love and care of the little girl!


The Keyboard Puzzle!

Looks like this little kid had got all the time in this world to remove all the keys from the laptop! The best thing about this picture is that the kid has kept all the keys safely in a single place! Smart, isn't it?


When They Did The Makeup!

Looks like these toddlers are partners in crime! Look at the effort and hardwork that has gone into this by the kids to colour each other's body to this extent. Seems like it is an Halloween trick that they tried using!


Dipping Self In Paint!

All this just happened in a span of few seconds. Love the guilt look that she has on her innocent face after she realised what she has done! We bet, her parents had the toughest time taking off the paint from her body!


The Bean Bag Mess!

He had apparently found the opening of the bean bag and the rest is history! Seems like he is proud of what he has done and had enjoyed doing so too! We bet, his mother had a tough time cleaning up the messy room, as the beans are all over the floor!


Bathing All Alone!

It's a nice thing to hear your toddlers say that they would bathe all by themselves. But when you enter the bathroom to check on them, you realise what they actually meant and for sure, their innocence is just adorable!


The Black Magical Face!

This kid assumes to be a scary devil, by applying all the crayons on her cute little face! Check out on how she seems to scare the other person in the room by making faces. These pictures surely make us think how innocent are kids!


When The Kid Decides To Open All The Lollipops!

This 2-year-old toddler seems to be greedy where he wants to taste the entire box of lollipops and as a result it was spilt all over the place, while he seems to pretend to be fast asleep (we bet, he was just pretending to sleep).


When The Dog Feels Cold!

Looks like the kid realised that the dog needs to be warm. Hence, the end result of dressing her up this was is way too hilarious. Hold on, do not miss on the pink sandals that the cute doggie has!

Wish to watch more such hilarious pictures? Then keep checking our section for updates.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 13, 2017, 18:45 [IST]
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