This Instagrammer Can Give Dan Bilzerian A Run For His Money

By Shibu Purushothaman

Dan Bilzerian, one among the internet sensations and the king of Instagram, is widely recognized for having uncensored moments with several naked and bikini-clad women. With sensored videos, supercars and weapons in his hand, Dan Bilzerian's Instagram account is a must watch!

He is known to live a life of many men. With million-dollar watch in his hand and his bed full of naked women, every guy would love to live his life for once.

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After the crowed account of Dan Bilzerian on Instagram, here we would like to introduce you to another famous Instagrammer, who can give Bilzerian a run for his money! Yes, we are talking about Tony Toutouni.

Here's everything you need to know about Tony Toutouni, the latest sensation on Instagram who is believed to give Dan Bilzerian a run for his money!


Who Is Tony Toutouni?

Tony Toutouni is a famous billionaire entrepreneur who is widely recognized for his lavish and extravagant lifestyle, which makes him one among the king of Instagram. This 42-year-old man, entrepreneur from LA, is famous for the kind of post he shares on his Instagram account. Many fans have also said that he can give Dan Bilzerian a run for his money.


How Did He Build His Fortune?

According to the facts, it is believed that Tony made his fortune by purchasing a nightclub when he was just 19 years old. He purchased the nightclub in Hollywood, California. He later became successful and started earning in billions after he sold the nightclub and purchased a new one.

He started building business for being successful and then sold them off to make a profit. It is believed that Tony has also invested a lot of money in car dealerships and different ventures, including bars and restaurants.


Following On Social Media

Tony is quite active on social media platform and is known for posting exotic photos with bikini-clad models and more! With cars parked in his room to riding in a private jet with gorgeous ladies, this man is surely stealing the limelight away from Dan Bilzerian. Oh wait, he is known for showing off his fancy cars and a collection of private jets on Instagram as well.


Living A King-size Life

Tony is known for living a king-sized life, which every man would love to live! He is the man who enjoys Christmas or New Year with endless gorgeous girls around him! He once said, he lives a lifestyle which every man around the globe would love to live! He is proud of his flashy lifestyle! Quite jealous, right?


He Is Bilzerian’s Friend

Once in an interview, Tony said that he is one of Bilzerian's friends. In fact, it is Dan Bilzerian who asked Tony to open his new Instagram account and allow the world to take a glimpse of the luxurious life that he is living! With more than 7 lakh followers compared to 10 million followers of Dan Bilzerian, Tony has gained a lot of limelight in a very short period of time.

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Dating Girls

Tony also said in an interview that being a single guy, he has dated many, many women. Being young in Los Angeles and having what you want, is not a difficult task for him to get hot women around.


On His Competition With Dan...

After Dan was crowned as the King of Instagram last year, Tony's following list is also increasingly growing by each day. On being asked about his competition with Dan, Tony said that he does not want to compete with Dan. He said people believe he has gone too far and hence he might be the King of Instagram in the next few years.

Here is what Tony said in a statement regarding this, "I don't want to compete with Dan but people are saying that I've grown dramatically and extremely fast I can tell you that."

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