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Artist Expresses Love Story Through Comics

Some love stories are way too sweet to handle and expressing them in words is just impossible, as there is one such exceptionally special couple - Alicia Souza and George Seemon.

This couple's love story is unique, bubbly and full of life and surprises. Check out on how Alicia Souza, who is an artist, has perfectly described her love story by the means of comics.

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These comics are hilarious and they capture even the not-so-perfect moments of the couple. Overall, it is a must-see album of the interesting couple who give us serious relationship goals!

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Check them out.


She Is A Cool Wife!

She showcased her love in the most unconventional way by dedicating a site to her husband, where she displays their ultra-cute illustrations.


Their Dating Times…

She said that when they started dating, things worked out very easily for them. His constant "lectures" on how he loved her "seemed to work".


She Added…

She said, "Six months into us dating and I couldn't believe how easy this was. I don't want to say that I thought he was ‘the one' but he ticked nearly every box I ever had."


George Proposed To Her In The Most Unique Way!

He proposed with a box of candy rings! We bet, it was the sweetest gesture that any girl would find too cute and sweet to be true!


Her Reply To His Proposal…

Her reply was nothing less than unusual and yes of course out-of-the-box kind of a reply. We bet, it is sure to make you giggle.


They Chose The “Sarkari” Wedding!

She is the least bride-y type of a girl and hence chose to get married in the most easiest way. Check out the detailing of the descriptions in the picture, which would leave you in splits.


She Added…

"We signed our marriage registration papers with a few friends, and realised how I suddenly loved saying the word ‘husband'. I also may be the only person who pinched their husbands bum in a government office."


The Purpose Of The Website…

Apparently, she made this website to announce about her wedding to her family and friends. Another reason for her to make this website was to make up to her husband for not being a traditional bride! Smart choice, we must say!


She Explained…

"George, I refused to wear a white gown and walk down an aisle but it would be a pleasure to make up for it in every way possible for the rest of our lives by being a corny wife." And that is how the website was made!


Beautiful Moments Captured…

She has illustrated their day-to-day life in such a cute way that one would simply fall in love with the couple by just looking at these comics!

For more details on the same, do check their website, as it has more such cute special moments shared.

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