10 Weird Women's Habits That Puzzle Men

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Do you know what men research a lot about? Well, they try to study women. They do a lot of handwork but still fail to figure out what runs on a woman's mind.

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Women are always a mystery to men; but still men love women. Women are women and nature designed them more beautifully. Certain qualities like elegance, grace, kindness, hardwork and compassion come effortlessly to women compared to men.

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Now, let us talk about the areas that men fail to figure out. There are certain womens' habits that puzzle men. Here are they....


Pouting For Selfies

Only god knows how fast women can transform into super models the moment you switch on a camera. They pout while posing and bring out their creative side. Even in the middle of an argument, just hold your camera for a selfie and see how your girlfriend quickly poses with a smile and pout in 12 different angles!



It is very tough to understand why women love to gossip. Of course, even men do that sometimes. But women seem to derive all their entertainment from one single spicy gossip session with friends.


Going To The Loo In Groups

Men always wonder why women go to the washroom in groups. Seriously? What do they do inside, what do they discuss, why do they giggle so loudly? Only God can answer such questions.


They Never Want Fat But Want To Eat Everything

Women love to eat everything under the sun but they hate to gain weight. Isn't it a contradiction? Either eat and be happy with your weight or don't eat in order to maintain your figure....this is how men think.


They Say No When....

Offer a kiss to your girlfriend and she will say no. Most women say 'No' though their answer is yes. And when their answer is 'No' they say yes....they're just mysterious.


Friends And Enemies

They hug each other and talk to each other for hours together and then they talk bad about each other behind the back. Why?


False Body Image

Slim girls think they are too fat and they start dieting and fat girls think that they are slim and keep asking their partners one question- am I beautiful honey?


Try A Million But Buy Only One

Women literally spend their entire day trying a million clothes while shopping in order to just buy one....this drives men crazy!


They Hate Honest Answers

Your girlfriend asks you whether she is more beautiful than your ex. She demands an honest answer. The moment you innocently tell that your ex is more beautiful, you will be shown the door!


Can't Guard Secrets

Do you know that there is one more person on this planet (apart from your wife) who knows 'your length'? Well, it is none other than her close friend. Yes, she shares literally everything with her friends. Only God knows why...

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