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Witness Supermoon In 68 Years!

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This is the day when you should be ready to witness the "supermoon". On this day, the world would witness the largest moon in 68 years. There will be an amazing spectacle tonight, as this is going to happen once in our lifetime. For those who would miss this moon sighting will have to wait for the next 68 years!

Witness Supermoon In 68 Years!

Today, the moon will be the closest it has been to Earth since 1948. It is going to appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the usual full moon days.

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To witness this event, you need to be really lucky if there aren't any clouds in the sky, as it would be a hindrance.

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So, take some time to go outside tonight and witness the impressive supermoon. Today will be the day for the biggest moon in years!


When Does It Happen?

It generally occurs during winters, as the earth is farther from the sun and, at this time of the year, the sun's gravity pulls the moon closer to the earth. Hence, the result - supermoon!


What Time Is It Visible?

It will be visible at 8.09 PM GMT (3.09 PM ET) on November 14th, 2016. The moon will be 217,000 miles away from the earth, which makes it look extra gigantic.


Where Is It Clearly Visible?

If you wish to have a clear look of this supermoon, then make sure you are at a calm and less polluted place, as the visibility is more and the feel is something worth cherishing for sure!


Does Supermoon Affect Our Health?

There are many speculations regarding supermoon affecting the health. But, it's not true. Though there are reports that the sleeping times of adults, as well as kids, have seen a depreciation on this particular night (Do tell us if you experience it).


Will Supermoon Affect The Weather?

The gravitational pull will be more, as the moon will be the closest; and this would result in high tides and low tides. But apart from this, we do not think any other natural calamity will happen.

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