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Why Attending Office Parties Is Important ?

By: Sneha

Office parties may be thrown for a number of reasons like birthdays, achievements, rewards, holidays, etc.

However, contrary to what the idea of a party often does to the spirit of a person, invite for an office party is not only uncomfortable, but also stressful.

When your employer throws a party, it comes with a forced requirement for you to attend it and it does not stop over here.

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It's not only your presence that is mandatory, it is also important that you should look like you're having a time of your life, whether you actually are enjoying it or not.

why attending office parties is important

The basic idea behind employers throwing office parties is to reward the employees in a fun way, so even though the idea of it may be frustrating to you, still the importance of office parties for your career growth cannot be ignored.

Such gatherings give you an opportunity to bond with your employers and colleagues in a different manner.

Companies spend a lot of money on such occasions to boost up the morale of the employees and, thus, your attending the celebration is not just a compulsion, but it is more of an obligation.

However, even if it is forced, yet it has its own value. Here is a list of reasons that say how you are benefitted by going to the office parties. Have a look.

why attending office parties is important

1. You Can Increase Your Visibility: Attending your office parties gives you the opportunity to increase you visibility among your seniors and colleagues. You get to meet people from different departments and bond with them on a personal level, and missing on it would rob you of this prospect.

2. You Increase The Chances Of Your Promotion: You increase the chances of your promotion by being highlighted in your office party, where you can show off your talent in a manner that cannot be done during the formal office hours.

why attending office parties is important

3. You Can Help Raise Your Career Graph: Socialising with your co-workers is essential for a rise in your career graph. Prepare to present yourself in a confident, influential and likeable manner. Take interest in conversations and develop interpersonal relationships. Believe me, this will go a long way.

4. You Might Almost Attend A Business Event: Office parties are informally compulsory; and the fact is that it is more of a business event and you should take it in a similar manner. If you keep this in mind, you will survive it without having much difficulty.

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5. You Can Bond Emotionally With Your Co-workers: During an office party you get a chance to develop emotional bonds with your co-workers; and this is extremely essential for the well-being of your job. Your likeability quotient in your office can prove to be very helpful, in times of need.

why attending office parties is important

6. You Can Find A Comfort In Your Professional Life: Trying to enjoy with the bunch of people you actually do not like to see after office hours can be quite uncomfortable; but if you manage to pull it through somehow, your professional life is sure to become a lot more comfortable.

7. You Can Build Good Conversations On That Topic: Once the party night is over, it will be the topic of discussion for months to come. You do not want to miss being a part of these conversations which begin with “remember what happened on that party night..”, right?

8. You May Actually Start To Enjoy The Party: Lastly, you must also understand that the way you find office parties awkward, so do others in your office. If they can make it, so can you and who knows, may be it won’t be as bad as you thought.

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