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5 Reasons To Make Your Passion Your Career

By Anirudh Narayanan

making your passion your career, passion for work, workplace tension, money and job satisfaction

A job that you really love is a rarity nowadays. You often see people complain about their work, how gruelling it is or how they hate working after work hours. The question they should be asked is this; do you really love what you're doing? Most would say, 'No'!

Though the times are such that people think their happiness is directly proportional to amount of money they earn, it isn't necessarily so. A high paying but crappy job sounds cool and tiring at the same time. A crappy job means lesser work satisfaction and you'll find yourself constantly complaining about it. That isn't a good sign and in the long run you will learn it the bitter way.

5 Tips To Find Joy At Your Workplace

Passion for your work will drive you to do things with vigour. You'll be glad to work. No amount of money can give you peace of mind. So stop following the money trail and start following your passion.

Read on as to why you should make a career out of your passion.

You Work Better When You Enjoy What You Do

It is common sense that when you enjoy doing something, you don't mind doing it day in and day out. It could be watching movies and jotting down your thoughts or maybe you love making hats! What you have to understand is that when you're passionate for your work, your work pleasure increases and you keep getting better at it.

Money Is A Temporary Phenomenon

You cannot choose your career based on the kind of money you get paid. If get paid truckloads of money but you have a miserable job which takes over your life as well, then is it really worth it? Another reason for making your passion, your career would be this.

You Don't Feel Like Work Is Being Shoved Down Your Throat

Workplace tension gets to everyone. You constantly feel like work is being thrown at you or at times it is even shoved down your throat against your wishes. But making your passion or hobby as your primary work will make you love your job.

You Don't Mind Putting In A Few Extra Hours

If you hate your present high paying job, there's no way you would even consider putting in a few extra hours when necessary. The best thing about making a career out of your passion is that you wouldn't mind working for a few extra hours. At times you don't even notice how time passes by.

Everyone Works, Might As Well Do Something Passionate

We spend most of our lives working. We aren't kidding! 40 hours or more a week is spent on work. That is far more than you spend with your family and considerably more than the time you sleep. Being passionate for your work makes things a bit easier. Money can be a deciding factor for money but rarely do they know what job satisfaction really means. So, you really should make your passion as your career.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 19, 2015, 13:29 [IST]
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