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Why Are Detergents Blue In Colour?

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Every time you use a detergent do you realise that most of these are blue in colour? We are here to just find out the actual reason as to why all detergents, or most of them, are blue in colour.

In this article, we are here to just throw some light on the actual reasons as to why all detergents and washing powders are blue in colour.

This is something that we hardly care about, as we think it's normal for the detergents to be in blue, but there are a few factual reasons because of which they are actually blue in colour.

So, find out about the reasons as to why most of the detergents are blue in colour... Check them out...


Marketing Strategy!

A survey done by Ad agencies and marketing departments have proved that the colours trigger emotional responses in buyers.


Secret From Marketing Guys!

One of the biggest secrets to make people buy these products or services is based on the unconscious triggers that each colour provides. Hence, people opt for the colours that they have been picking up knowingly or unknowingly.


Consumer's Belief!

We all wish to clean our hands and dishes with soap that makes us believe that it's natural and smells fresh. Hence, we opt for detergents that are either green or blue in colour.


What Are The Blue Agents?

Most of the detergents often have a "bluing agent" in them. This serves as a whitener, which makes the clothes appear white. And hence, the consumers assume that their clothes have been cleaned. Instead, it is just a shade lighter, my friend!



All the soaps and detergents have the same base. They do the same work. The add on of blue agent is nothing but just a colour to fool the consumers.

So, the next time you pick up a blue detergent, do not think it to be a smart move, as you could be picking up a detergent that would make your clothes to fade!

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Story first published: Saturday, September 24, 2016, 14:24 [IST]
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