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Weird Facts About Leap Year

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We all came to know about the leap year during high school. But there are some weird facts that our schools didn't tell us. In this post, let us discuss about them.

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What's a leap year? Well, it is a year in which the month of February comes with one extra day which means there will be a 'Feb 29th' in a leap year. Today, is the leap day and 2016 is a leap year.

The main reason behind adding one additional day is to cover, correct and synchronise the regular calender years with astronomical years. February 29th occurs only once in 4 years. Though every year contains 365 days, an additional day is added as earth takes a bit more than 365 days to orbit the sun.

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There are many calenders coming from various countries and cultures. The Hindu calender, Chinese calender, Julian calender, Bengali calender, Roman calender and Hebrew calender are some examples of different calenders that are followed in various parts of the world.

Now, let us discuss a few weird facts.


Fact #1

In some countries, people avoid marriage ceremonies in leap years as they consider the year as bad luck and inauspicious.


Fact #2

There is one person in the recorded history who was born on a leap day and died on a leap day but after living for nearly 68 years. He was the governor of Tasmania.


Fact #3

In countries like Taiwan, the leap month is seen as a bad month for aging parents. This is why married daughters generally visit their parents during this month and try to take care of their health.


Fact #4

One person out of every 1400 people is said to be born on a leap day! He or she may need to celebrate their birthday once in four years.


Fact #5

Russians believe that leap years may bring natural calamities, bad weather and deaths.


Fact #6

In countries like Ireland, Feb 29 is a day when women propose men. Yes, this day is known as the Bachelor's Day.

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