7 Things That A Rich Man Doesn't Have

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It is said that money can help you get a wife, a job and almost everything. However, having money does not mean that you will have all the pleasures in life. Yes, it is true that money can't buy you some important things in life.

Rich people just have money and they are financially sound; however, it is not necessary that they are satisfied with all the things in life. There are certain things that even they can't buy with money like intelligence, happiness, love, etc.

Unfortunately, money is just a piece of paper that can make you buy worldly things, but not good friends and respect.

Money can just help you in creating a false influence on other people, but the one who can wake up with you and spend a night in a hospital if you are not well cannot be bought by money.

Money can buy you a pen but not a writer's mind, money can help you buy a Ferrari but not friends with whom you will enjoy the drive.

This is why, you must learn to earn love and respect in the world and not be too greedy to earn just money!

So, have a look at some of the things that money can't buy.



If you have a lot of money, it won't help you in behaving well with others. The way you talk and behave depends on your set of mind. Money can't help you in buying manners. It is a treasure to be well-mannered and this is the only identity of yours.



It is very sad to say that money also can't buy brains. Intelligence is God's gift and not all people have this. Money can make you hire creative and intelligent people, but can not make you intelligent or brainy.



Have you seen people living in a small house and eating in small plates smiling and laughing with each other. This smile looks like a jewel on their wrinkled face. If you talk to such people, you will be surprised to know that they prefer being happy and contended in life than be rich.


Mental peace

Money can't give you a peaceful life, as it is the money that keeps your mind pre-occupied in some or the other way. A person who earns enough to feed him and his children has more mental peace than a person roaming in a BMW.



If you have friends then you have the real jewels in life, as they are with you when you are well and they are also with you in your troubled times. They make you laugh out of nowhere and make you enjoy little things in life. Can you buy real friends with money? Absolutely, not!



Money can make girls get attracted towards you, but will not help them explore the real you and fall in love with you. If a girl falls in love with a poor man, she knows how wonderful the person is, as he might have tried to make the girl happy not by his money but by his efforts.



Skill makes you an independent person, as you can earn your living without being dependent on others. Electricians, doctors, lecturers, carpenters, etc, all have skills and can earn their living in any critical situation. However, a rich man just has money, which may end soon if he intends to spend it more often. So, to become rich you should be skilled too.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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