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Product Review: VLCC Slimmer's Herbal Infusion With Green Tea

Posted By: Staff

If you are someone who loves to enjoy a hot cup of soothing green tea every day, then you should definitely try 'VLCC Slimmer's Herbal Infusion Green Tea'!

VLCC brings to you this delectable green tea infused with the goodness of sweet fennel, mint leaves, pomegranate peel, cardamom, long pepper and cinnamon, which is an irresistible blend indeed!

vlcc product

Its specially formulated blend gives it a fervent essence of the fennel for those who prefer to have a strong tea at the day's beginning. This green tea infusion can be best enjoyed when had without milk or sugar.

This Slimmer's Herbal Infusion Green Tea is rich in antioxidants that come with various health benefits, right from giving you a glowing, youthful complexion to helping you lose those extra kilos!

In addition, this herbal green tea infusion can make for a healthy alternative to aerated drinks and unhealthy snacks.

With so many health benefits in hand, the VLCC Slimmer's Herbal Infusion Green Tea should be your perfect, favourite beverage to opt for!

Ratings: 3/5

Cost Per Box: Rs. 175 (25 bags)

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