Pakistani Chaiwala Becomes The New Internet Sensation

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Have you heard or read about the latest internet sensation about a Pakistani chaiwala? Well, you should look out for this guy, as he is surely going to steal your heart with his charming eyes.

This chaiwala from Pakistan became an instant sensation when his pictures were shared.

Pakistani Chaiwala Becomes The New Internet Sensation

He is Arshad Khan, and he has been working as a chaiwala since only a few months, before which he worked as a fruit seller.

 The New Sensation!
Photo Credit: jiah

This handsome lad is just 18 years old and the best part about him is that he has not let popularity get to his head and still remains the humble chaiwala who does not have any interest in getting into movies, as he finds his job to be one of the most respectful ones.


Photo Credit: jiah

This blue-eyed sensation will surely melt your heart and women are going gaga over his looks for all the right reasons, we must say.

Photo Credit: jiah

We're sure he had no clue that his picture would be going viral on the internet, even in his wildest of dreams!

Photo Credit: jiah

With the tension between India and Pakistan, this guy can be addressed as "temporary relief", for a while atleast. We only wish the issues get sorted out between both the countries and hence the beautiful people can get along with each other...

Check out the video where he denies his interest in getting into movies and how he enjoys doing his current job!

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