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Most Dangerous Countries On The Planet

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A little chaos or tension around us can make us tremble with fear. We try to get the best safety precautions for us and our loved ones.

This is a general human tendency that we all have. However, what about those places where people cannot hide or have to struggle with leading their day-to-day lives?

It can surely feel like living in hell, as these people have to be cautious always in doing their daily activities to safeguard themselves and their dear ones.

We have shared a list of the latest most dangerous countries where terror flourishes and it can be seen as an everyday affair.

Innocent citizens are killed in rampages and kids are left as orphans. The condition of these countries is only getting worse day by day and more number of people are being killed.

So, find out about the most dangerous countries on the planet and we only pray to the Almighty that, moving ahead, humans learn to Live and Let Live.



This is a country where majority of the citizens are "Sunnis" and they are ruled by "Shias" (both are the communities of Muslims). There have been several wars and protests where innocent citizens have been and are still being killed every hour!



This is the second most dangerous country to live in the world. After 9/11 attacks, the US-led NATO allies decided to overthrow the country's government alleging they are the safe-house for terrorists. There has been a lot of damage caused to the infrastructure and, currently, the US allies are trying to bring back peace in the country.


South Sudan

This Northeast African state is in civil war between different tribes fighting for power. There have been millions of people who have been killed in these unrequired wars and protests. Apart from this, the health condition is also at its worst. There have been a number of cases of malaria and HIV patients.



Iraq was invaded by the US in 2003 and the ordeal lasted until 2011. ISIS has been ruling 1/3rd of the country, causing much chaos. War-crimes mass killings by US/NATO forces and various other rebel gangs make the country the fourth dangerous country to live on the planet.



This country has no government; and it has one of the longest lasting civil wars in the world. The war started in 1991 and it is still ongoing. A shattered economy, famine, piracy, extreme poverty and water crisis have made the country as one of the most dangerous countries on the planet.



Lack of Government control, poor living conditions and human rights violation after 2 civil wars and various conflicts and protests have made this country as one of the most dangerous countries to live in.


Central African Republic

There has been ongoing armed conflicts that have resulted in numerous deaths and displacement of a massive amount of people. The Christian and Islamic extremists are fighting for the control of the country, which is making the condition worse for the citizens to live in, thus making it to the list of the most dangerous countries.

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