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Most Bizarre Startups You Need To Check

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These days you would witness many startup companies blooming. Some struggle while the rest try to bloom and vanish. Getting a hold of your business in the market is something that requires many skills.

Here in this article, we are about to share some of the most bizarre startups that you have ever heard of. These are the startups that one can hardly think of.

Though the below-mentioned startups highlight the list of unique ideas to build business, there are a few which bombed even before they could flourish.

Building your business based on death and funerals sounds a little bizarre, but that is something that is flourishing. There are many others that you can check in this article.

Find out more about these interesting and weird startups that can make you say... Oh! Really!

Read on to know more...


An Organisation For Cuddling

There are many companies that offer this service. It is getting popular with the people who are feeling low and just need to be cuddled while they share their problems with complete strangers. They charge on hourly basis and this is based on purely non-sexual touch as the men who offer this service are thorough professionals.


Mourner Rental Service

This is a business which allows you to hire professional mourners to attend funerals and wakes. They are typically invited to increase the visitors for mourning. This is done especially when the person is not that popular.


Triple Threat Of Socks

There are times when we often lose one sock from our favourite pair of socks. To avoid this agony there are a few companies out there that offer socks in threes instead of pairs. This way you would not have to worry about losing one of the socks.


The Startup That Promised Eternal Digital Life

This was a startup that died even before it could bloom. It promised users virtual eternity by collecting the core details of the users. They had over 10,000 customers who signed up for the service. But sadly it bombed.

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Renting Windows

This is a perfect example of making money while you are relaxing! It is a business where people rent out their windows as advertising space in exchange for some extra pocket money.

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Turn The DNA Of You And Your Pet Into A Work Of Art

This is a startup that sends customers a DNA collection kit. They are supposed to send a cheek slab of their own as well as their pets. The company would change it into an artwork. Now this is quite interesting!

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