7 Friends That You Need To Unfriend On Facebook

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Do you get annoyed or depressed after seeing the posts of your friends on facebook. If yes then it is the need of the hour to unfriend some of these friends from your list that are mentioned in this article.

You must not only be selective in choosing your real-life friends, but should also be very cautious in making friends on facebook.

We have a full right to live our life the way we want to and it is also important not to do undue favours to someone who jeopardises your life. We may open the social networking site to just feel relaxed and connect with your best buddies.

However, when you see all the pictures of a friend who is a show off of her new car, a new bungalow, etc, you will tend to feel a little low with what you are blessed with in life.

Hence, you must know how to use the unfriend button on your facebook page and just unfriend those friends who are ruining your mental peace. A research has shown that your reputation and how happy you feel on the social networking sites influence your thoughts and behaviour.

So, listed here are some friend types that you must unfriend on facebook right this instant.


The Show Off

You might have certain friends on facebook who post each and every detail of their joy-filled life. From posting the pictures of their lavish bathrooms to all their vacation spots. Their motive is just to show off to their friends. If these friend are making you feel low about what you are blessed with, it's simple to just delete them from your friend's list. Trust me, they won't care an inch!


The Arguer

You may be having friends on facebook who keep arguing on each and every silly issue that they come across. They will discuss politics, religion and other delicate issues on the social site. They might be saying some offensive stuff or some abusive words in the process. So, it is better to delete these people from your list soon before you land into any trouble.


The Boss

Having your boss as your facebook friend is one of the biggest mistakes ever. After all, he/she is your boss and you don't want to get questioned for the night out you had or let him/her know that you were out enjoying when you had requested for a sick leave.


The Critic

We all may have these critic crazy friends on facebook. Social websites are made to have fun and just share your funny and weird pictures. However, if the friend on the other side can't get it well with your pictures, there should be no other option but to unfriend them.


Your Ex

Yes, you heard me right. You must unfriend your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. It is not a cruel thing to do but an attempt to be nice to yourself. Having your ex as your facebook friend will only make you sulk about the past and will also lead to other complications in your future relationships. So, just click the unfriend button!


The Proud Parents

If you have some 'proud parents' on your facebook friend list who frequently post the pictures of their babies, they must be unfriended now. Seeing the pictures of a baby is cute, but if you are married and have not planned for kids yet then this may jeopardise your personal life.


The Stranger

For sure, these set of people will be half of the friends on your facebook page whom you have never ever met. You just accepted the friend request and hardly chat with them. Unfriend all the strangers on your facebook page, as you don't know anything about their background. When you don't speak to strangers in person, why have them as friends on facebook!

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