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Bizarre Solutions To Serious Problems

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When there are crisis or any serious issue that crops up, we all tends to find a solution to the problem. But what happens when you find funny solutions to a serious problem.

Well, in this article you would get to read about such instances where people or the government has come up with the most funniest or the most bizarre solutions for some of the serious problems.

Few of these serious problems are something that the country has faced and these bizarre solutions for the problems have been followed to get a solution for serious problems.

Read on to know about the bizarre or the craziest decisions and solutions people have made to get rid of serious issues.


When Australia Was Worried About Climate Change

Solution: The government of Australia had decided to kill over a million of camels from the helicopter to avoid climate apocalypse. This is a serious solution the government has found as a study revealed that each camel tends to release 100 pounds of methane gas which is equivalent to 2500 pounds of carbon-di-oxide.


South Korea’s Crazy Suicide Rate

Solution: The government was tired of the raising suicide numbers. So instead they decided to hold mass funerals for people who are still alive. This was a solution to make the people realise that dying is not a joke. Well, this trick is weird, but it did help people avoid committing suicide.


Starvation In North Korea

Solution: North Korea is one of the nastiest, bleakest places on Earth. The government came up with the solution of selling human poop as a fertiliser to grow own vegetables. This sounds crazy but the people were left with no option than try this trick.


Russia’s Crazy-Low Birthrate

Solution: A national sex day is celebrated and women who knocked up got awards. Yeah this sounds crazy but here the couples are given a free day's holiday and the women who give birth exactly 9 months after this day are awarded with houses, TV sets and many more gifts. Yet the birth rate is still low


Danish Towns Were Closing Under-attended Schools

Solution: The people of the town decided to strike a deal with the government to procreate as quickly as possible. The government agreed and gave them a time span of 5 years to produce as many kids as they can. Isn't this crazy.

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