Things To Keep In Mind For Your New Job

By: Debdatta Mazumber
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First impression is the last impression. This phrase is absolutely applicable when you are new at your job. After lots of competitive exams and interviews, you have finally achieved your dream job. You can’t take it lightly at any cost. Your efficiency in the post is very important. When you are new at any job, you must remember two most important things. First, you must have detail knowledge about the work you are going to do. Next, you should be a good and quick learner.

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But there are some more things to keep in mind for your new job. If you have done some kind of internship at any office, you must have got some fruitful experience of office atmosphere. You just need to cope up with that as fast as possible. But if you don’t have any past experience, there are some important things to keep in mind for your new job. If you follow those, you can be able to make a good reputation at your office very soon.

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Often experienced people think that they have enough ideas about the to-do list of a new job. Remember, the job may be the same at your new office, but the people and atmosphere will be different. So, it’s better to go through the crucial things to keep in mind for your new job-


1. Listen Carefully And Be Open

What are the most important things to keep in mind for your new job? You're a newbie to the organization. Take your time to get along with the atmosphere and people. Don't make haste. Listen to your superiors carefully and have a clear idea about the vision of the organization.


2. Don’t Give Excuses

Truly; your organization is not there to listen to why you can't make it in time. It's the business world. Everybody should do their part without fail. So, don't give excuses to skip work load. If you can't make it at time, specify how you will make up the lost time.


3. Follow Deadlines Strictly

You can't let go any chance to impress your boss. This is the most important way to get on his/her good book. Never fail to meet deadlines. Rather, deliver more than is expected from you. Consider this as one of the most necessary things to keep in mind for your new job.


4. Learn Every Moment

You must be ready to learn every moment from your senior employees. You may think you can manage any new turn of situation, but isn't possible all time. So, keep a notebook and take notes while talking to superiors. This habit will help you in future.


5. Be Clear About Your Steps

Important things to keep in mind for your new job must include this. Whenever you take up an assignment, be sure about the methods to complete that. If you're not clear about your work, you can't establish it successfully before your seniors.


6. Think Out-Of-The-Box

At any job, this is the primary skill that will be prioritized. If you can't serve anything new and innovative to your job, you can't hold it for long. So, be dynamic and creative.


7. Be Friendly

As a fresher, this must be one of the significant things to keep in mind for your new job. Keep a professional relationship with your colleagues. Don't fall for gossips and groups. This is the time to learn. An amiable connection with everybody will help you to know your colleagues better.


8. Be Presentable

It doesn't matter how messy you're at home. At office you should look always presentable. That doesn't mean you have to wear new clothes every day. Always dress well according to the dress code of your organization. Your appearance should convey your confidence and modesty at the same time.


9. Always Stay In Touch

When you think of things to keep in mind for your new job, never ignore this. A successful employee is he who always stays in touch. You never know when your organization will need you. But when it does, never, ever fail to do what you can.


10. Enjoy Your Job

You can only follow these rules successfully if your heart is at job. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time for both of your organization and you. So, if you're enjoying working there, show it with a pleasant smile.

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Story first published: Monday, October 19, 2015, 16:29 [IST]
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