List Of Things That Makes You Unhappy With Life

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Life is short and must be lived to the fullest. This is only possible when you avoid certain things in your life. Sometimes, we deliberately make our life hell by introducing past regrets, negative talking, overly worried about future, etc, in our life.

We also take life seriously and start envying our colleagues and friends. We forget that being jealous will not harm anyone but our own self.

Sometimes, we regret over our mistakes and start to criticise ourselves. This is called negative talking and this can damage your emotions and confidence in the long run. You will eventually start to hate yourself.

These are simple but important things that you must avoid thinking to make your life more meaningful and happy. In this article, we have listed few of the important things in your life that does not allow you to live a happy life.

Avoid these things to be happy in your life. Scroll down to know the list of things that makes you unhappy with life.


Holding Onto Mistakes From The Past

You must learn from the mistakes of your past rather than sulking on it. Holding the regrets and grudges from the past will not allow you to live a happy present. So learn to move on. You must understand that no one is perfect on earth.


Financial Debt

You must always spend as per your financial status. Spending more than what you earn can lead to debts. Financial debt can cause serious stress and pressure in your life. Therefore, spend only as much as your necessary needs.


Comparing Yourself To Other People

Everyone is unique in their own way. Trying to be like others will kill your real identity. It is not bad to appreciate one's good qualities, but instead of letting yourself down learn from them. Do not compare yourself with others.


Toxic Relationships

Never try to stay with a person who is making your life as bad as hell. You must let go of that relation and not drag it too far. These relations any how will not last forever. So, stay away from negative people.


Negative Self-Talk

Talking negative to yourself destroys your productivity and damages your soul. Be kind and good to yourself. Stop criticising yourself and pointing out your flaws. Look at yourself as if you are beautiful both on the inside and outside.


Uncomfortable Things That You Use Regularly

Change your clothes and shoes which are uncomfortable, worn out and uncomfortable home furniture, etc. We get life once and its not fair to spoil it by these petty simple things. Its only when you are comfortable with yourself you'll feel more happy and satisfied.


A Job That You Hate

Work is important but not a kind of job. So, if you love your work then you must respect it. However, a wrong job can make you feel sick, depressed and make you more stressed, hence not making you enjoy your life to the fullest. Therefore, find a job that you like doing and feel happy about it at the end of the day.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 20:30 [IST]
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