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The Tale Behind Diamonds & Their Luck

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Women and diamonds, nothing on this earth can separate the relationship. It is said that this most expensive stone on the earth isn't lucky for few, and the reasons stated below might blow your mind.

We all know that there are countless superstitions which have become associated with different gemstones throughout the centuries and they also differ according to country and tradition.

The Tale Behind Diamonds & Their Luck | Diamonds & Their Luck | Diamonds Unlucky Or Lucky | Does Diamonds Bring On Bad Luck

For example, the diamond is one of the many precious stones considered to be bad luck and at the same time lucky for few. The question is do diamonds suit everyone? Here are some of the tales listed behind the sparkling stone, each of us desire in our life:


Belief Behind Diamonds - This stone is generally used in engagement and wedding rings. It is supposed to build a connection between the partners and install courage in the man and pride for a woman.

The Case Of Bad Luck - It is widely said diamonds can bring bad luck. Wearing a diamond can cause a downfall in business, can lead to accidents and in rare cases diamonds also lead to death.

Who Should Avoid The Sparkling Stone

Who Should Avoid The Sparkling Stone - The stone is considered to be very powerful. Diamonds should be worn only by those who fall under the Virgo and Libra sign as this stone bestows good luck and prosperity.

Do You Think You Should Wear A Diamond? - If the stone suits you, well and good, as you will begin to see a brighter and positive lifestyle within a week. If the stone disagrees with you, then bad things will happen. So, here answers the question if you should wear a diamond or not. It is a stone which tests your life.

Do You Know It's Healing Powers - Since the stone is so powerful in nature, it surely needs to have a set of health benefits too. Wearing a diamond can help deal with infertility problems in both men and women.

The Best Time To Purchase Diamonds

Which Diamond Should You Wear - Considering there are many choices of diamonds, it is best to always opt for diamond which is transparent and has no cuts or cracks.

The Best Time To Purchase Diamonds - Buy a Diamond on a Friday during the Shukla Paksha (the ascending moon cycle). Diamond may also be purchased when the nakshatra (constellation) is Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purvakshad.

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