Six Best Places For Bacon In Bangalore You Have To Try

By: Samrat Dey
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Bacon’s more popular among Bangaloreans than Superman given the frenzy it draws among the foodies. Popular as a side dish or as an ingredient that flavours dishes, it is served fried, baked, grilled or smoked. The clinks and clanks of shiny forks and knives at morning breakfasts that digs it’s points and edges deep into the crunchy, smoked or baked succulent pieces is something only its fans will romanticise. While they binge on the delicacy they may often hail its anonymous inventor.

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In communities where consumption of pig meat is prohibited, beef, lamb, chicken and turkey serve the purpose. Bangalore’s one of the cities where bacon dishes are served at various restaurants, so if you are in search of the best ones in the city, our round up is here to your rescue.


Places in Bangalore offer the best bacon dishes

This is one of the popular hangouts at Indiranagar. With young crowds flocking here daily, the famous microbrewery serves a dish called – The Bacon Wrapped Chicken (crispy chicken pieces wrapped in succulent bacon) priced at Rs 325 + taxes.

Church Street Social

Places in Bangalore offer the best bacon dishes

At this place, choose The Elvis Presley French Toast (slices of bread with peanut butter, sliced banana in French toast batter drizzled with toffee sauce) along with crispy bacon. The Last Night @Social Hangover Breakfast from the menu also includes an enticing combination of eggs and bacon along with bananas, toast and Virgin Mary. You can also select the Social Caesar Salad and order crispy bacon with it.

The Glass House

Places in Bangalore offer the best bacon dishes

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Deli Bistro Bar – This Lavelle Road restaurant near UB City has a well known dish namely, the Char Grilled Beef Burger that you can order with a bacon bun. It is prepared with caramelised onions and blue cheese mayonnaise. Served with salad and fries, the bun adds a zing to the experience. This is priced at Rs. 655 + taxes.

Hole In The Wall Café

Places in Bangalore offer the best bacon dishes

Koramangala’s Hole in the Wall Cafe is known for its breakfasts. Priced at Rs 300, the famous Full Monty American Breakfast has a spread of scrambled eggs, 2 slices of brown bread and butter, 2 pancakes with syrups and most importantly it comes with a side order of bacon (pork).

Vapour Pub & Brewery

Places in Bangalore offer the best bacon dishes

If you happen to be at this place in Indiranagar, experience the Bacon Wrapped Prawn. Priced at Rs 399 + taxes this dish is prepared with marinated prawn wrapped with crispy bacon served with mango salsa.

Smoke House Deli

Places in Bangalore offer the best bacon dishes

Known for its European and Continental cuisine, the Smoke House Deli outlets in the city offers a delicious combination of Sausage and Bacon that can be chosen with Terracotta scrambled eggs priced at Rs 250.

Weekdays or weekends in Bangalore will never be bacon free as long as these outlets resume their mission to serve the best bacon dishes in town. So, prepare yourself for meals at these restaurants and build fondest memories with each experience.

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