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Restaurants Serving Best Vietnamese Food In Bangalore

By: Samrat Dey
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Over the past few years Vietnamese cuisine has created a buzz among the Bangalore foodies. The cuisine is loved for the use of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices in its preparations and it is also known as the globe’s healthiest cuisine.

Although a very niche cuisine, there are some Bangalore restaurants which serve authentic Vietnamese preparations. While Thai and Chinese food is quite popular in the city, Bangalore’s new found love for Vietnamese dishes is pacing up the admiration charts.

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The absence of Vietnamese food in the city would have been disappointing given the amount of fan following it has garnered among its enthusiasts. If you are wondering which restaurant would serve the best Vietnamese Dishes then here are few that would serve the purpose with excellence.

Blue Ginger:

Vietnamese Food And Dishes In Bangalore

This restaurant at Taj West End is one of the earliest places in Bangalore to offer Vietnamese food. If you are here you can try the scrumptious Vietnamese grills like - Vegetable grills with lemongrass and chilli marinade or Prawns in lemongrass and chilli marinade.

Main courses include Wok tossed Okra, eggplant and potato in hot bean sauce. Braised lamb shanks with lemon grass, star anise and carrot is also a good choice. The price for two at this restaurant is around Rs 1800


Vietnamese Food And Dishes In Bangalore

This restaurant at Phoenix Market City is known for serving Vietnamese food in all its authenticity. Order the Sup Chua Ngot (a soup prepared with pineapple, tomato, coriander, ginger, garlic and lemon grass along with veggies/chicken/prawn). You can also experience dishes like Bun Bo- Rice Vermicelli with grilled meats, Cha Nuong – Char grilled patties, Hon Hop Rau Xao –Vietnamese Oyster Mushroom gravy and much more. Do not forget to have desserts like Chuo Chien- Banana Fritter and Che Thap Cam-Complex Vietnamese Sweet. Cost for two here is around Rs 1200


Vietnamese Food And Dishes In Bangalore

Located at Sarjapur Road Mekong serves Vietnamese dishes like Vietnamese Pho, Chicken tossed with Lemon Grass (a popular Vietnamese dish with lemongrass and shallots tossed in caramelised sweet sauce). You can also ask for the The Mekong Surprise, a refreshing drink after your meal. The cost for two here is approximately around Rs 1500

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Vietnamese Kitchen:

Vietnamese Food And Dishes In Bangalore

Popular only for Vietnamese food prepared with perfection Vietnamese Kitchen at Indiranagar is a must visit for any foodie. Try the Wonton Soup- Sup Hoanh Tanh, Mushroom and Tofu Soup – Sup Ran Chai, Pan Cake – Banh Xeo or salads like Hoi An Salad. From the main course you can try Tau Pan Cheong, The Roast Chicken Meal, Saigon Fried Rice with chicken/prawn/veg/pork and noodles like Kwey Teow. You can finish the meal with desserts like Cassata Ice Cream and Banana Rolls with Ice Cream. The price for two is around Rs 1200

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Story first published: Friday, October 2, 2015, 11:00 [IST]
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