Reasons Why Indians Are In Love With Tea

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Do you know the reason why Indians are in love with tea? Well, if you are one of them, you can share with your reason as to why you are so madly in love with this hot beverage.

Though there are coffee day outlets at every nook and corner in the city, you will see a ton of people standing at local chai shops enjoying a flavoured cup of tea in a glass tumbler.


Steam and that burning hot glass don't seem to be the reason though why Indians are head over heels with this brown beverage, tea.

Reasons Why Indians Love Tea | Reasons We Love Tea | Things Indians Love A Lot

A new study shows that more than a million people find tea to be on their top list when compared to coffee. The reasons why they chose tea are given below, take a look.

It's Our National Drink - Did you know that our national drink is tea! For those who are aware of this, it is by right they have made this yummy beverage a part of their life.

At Any given season

At Any Given Season - Even if the sun is shining hot and bright in the sky or it's pouring cats and dogs, Indians will opt for a cup of chai. It is a beverage for any season and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Goes Well With Everything - To top it all, this cup of chai will go well with everything. Fried samosas, that chocolate dough-nut and even a pastry on the side. Having a cup of hot tea at the end of a meal is the best way to round up a full and happy tummy.

The Flavours

The Flavours - The reason why Indians are in love with chai is because it is available in n number of flavours. Be it spicy, sweet or tangy. chai is the best thing in every Indian's life, agree?

The Cigarette Combo - Ask any smoker and he will tell you how it feels to have a chai in hand and a puff in another. It is the best combination ever to fill one's senses, thus giving you another reason why Indians are in love with tea!

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