Reasons Why Food Is Better Than A Boyfriend

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How many of you ladies agree that your favourite food is better than your cheesy boyfriend? If you do agree, then you must take a look at this article and even if you don't, find the time to read on.

A new study shows that women pay more attention to their food when compared to their partners if both are placed in front of them. Though this is sad, at the same time it is way too funny to actually believe that women fancy their plate of burgers rather than the love of their life.

Reasons Why Food Is Better Than A Boyfriend | Is Food Better Than Partners | Funny Reasons Why Food Is Better Than Partners

Boldsky has some of the perfect reasons why women consider to find food much more better than a boyfriend. Read on, laugh out loud and do share.

Food Hits The Spot - Yep, food needs no direction in hitting the spot every single time. It is any day a woman's favourite thing in the world. No wonder most of the foodies in the world are 'women'.

Food Never Judges A Woman

Food Never Judges A Woman - Have you seen food judge a woman? Never, this is one of the reasons why women prefer a nice comforting meal other than a judgmental boyfriend.

Food Comforts You Like No Other - Food will comfort a woman at any time of the day. Food and women share a relationship unlike any other. It is the best in the world when you compare it to a man!

Food Plays No Games

Food Plays No Games - Food plays no games, unlike cheating men who are without a leash. Women prefer food over men as the relationship is pure and true.

Food Pays Attention

Food Pays Attention - When your feeling low and the world seems to be uncertain around you, all you need to do is sit around and talk to your box of chocolates. It will pay attention to you no matter and comfort your mood. But, don't forget to take it easy.

ood Is Readily Available

Food Is Readily Available - Food is readily available for a woman which makes this one of the reasons why food is better than a boyfriend.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 24, 2015, 16:15 [IST]
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