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    9 Sweet Foods The 1980's Indian Kids Miss Today


    Remember those days when one rupee was a hell lot of money for us Indian kids. Those were the days when sweet treats were a part and parcel of our life. Right after school as soon as the bell rings the first thing we would do is run to a local store and buy as many things our little hands could store. The famous sweet or foods that the 1980 kids miss today are the frozen ice lollies, the shiny coin chocolates, the very colourful poppin sweets and of course the chocolatey nutties.

    Though some of these 1980 sweets are still available, it is difficult to find them at every nook and corner store. These sweet foods were also cheap at that time and certainly tummy filling too.

    Sweets The 1980s Indian Kids Miss | Indian Kids Miss | Sweets Of The 1980s

    Today, those who don't belong to the 1980's don't bat an eye at these delicious treats, which is why these candies have become legendary to us, the few who miss it. Here are 9 sweet foods that 1980's Indian kids miss today, take a look:


    ice lollies

    Ice Lollies - Those frozen bright coloured lollies used to be on the top of the list for kids of the 1980's. It was a must treat to beat the summer heat.

    Cigarette Candy - Since smoking is injurious to health, Indian kids of the 1980's used to use other methods to try a ciggie.

    ciggie candies

    Yummies - Buy one get one free, this was the then concept of how we used to enjoy a packet of yummies. Oh... the taste of the masala still lingers on.

    Coin Chocolates - The golden wrapper of coin chocolates were every child's favourite in the 1980's. There were times when these delicious sweets were replaced with real coins.

    kismi sweet

    Kismi Sweets - Kismi sweets have become nearly extinct. But in the 1980's every second kid took these elachi sweets to distribute at school on a birthday.

    Torino Drink - If Miranda wasn't available, torino it was to beat the summer hear. The happiness of this sweet drink was when the colour of the drink left an orange tint on our tongues.

    Chocostick - Rip, pull and suck. It was an easy concept in the 1980's when chocostick was introduced.


    Poppins - Poppins was an all time favourite for Indian kids in the 1980's. The varied flavours and the bright colours were a major attraction.


    Nutties - Nutties... oh how can we forget this food of the 1980's Indian kids miss today. The creamy chocolate and the hazelnut combination was a major treat for us little ones.

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