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How To Live Happily As An Introvert

By: Ajanta Sen
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Human beings are born and brought up in different environments. Our surroundings play a very important role in determining our lifestyle. Usually people have two different types of personalities, namely Introvert and Extrovert.

As per the characteristics of these two types of nature, both are just opposite of each other.

Extroverts are generally bold by nature. They always stay ahead, in terms of the speaking abilities and capabilities of mixing with others. They are usually good speakers and succeed in leaving a strong impression on the people around them.

On the other hand, introverts are quiet and calm. They are not habitual speakers. They often find it difficult to mingle with others. They are not bold, though they cannot show their boldness unnecessarily.

Very often, people consider introverts to suffer from psychological disorders, which is not true at all.

Introverts live in their own world, where they are often happy with themselves and their life. They know how to lead a happy introvert life. If you are an introvert by nature, there is no need to suffer from any unwanted inferiority complex.

You can think about the tested 7 ways to live happily as an introvert. Wish to know how to lead a happy introvert life? Then have a look at the 7 ways to live life happily as an introvert.


Speak To The Point:

As an introvert, you should prefer to speak as much as it is necessary to make others know and understand you better. Do not participate in useless or senseless conversations that are often meaningless, and bear no fruit.


Be Your Own Master:

As an introvert, you should never suffer from any sense of guilt. You should be proud of your state, and that is why always consider yourself as a master. Do not give up to the external efforts that would aim at changing your personality from introvert to extrovert.


Indulge In An Activity That You Like To Enjoy:

Like an extrovert, you have the right to live with what you like or enjoy doing. Do whatever you think you like doing. There is basically no point in giving up to the external pressures to change yourself.


Know What You Need to Say:

As an introvert, there is a strong chance for you to dislike speaking too much. In such cases, you must know what you have to say and what you are going to say. Weigh your words carefully, and then utter them to avoid any displeasing experiences.


Behave Nicely:

This is one of the top 7 ways to live happily as an introvert. You must never cause unnecessary anxieties for yourself due to poor or indecent behaviour by the people around you. You must behave nicely with everyone, as long as you are there with them.



There is no need in making people feel dissatisfied about you. Respect everyone as per their level. This is one of the top ways of how to lead a happy introvert life. Respect others and get respected by them too.


Do Not Neglect Others When You Are With Them:

This is a basic etiquette that you must never ignore. Be courteous with everyone, as long as you are with them. Pay attention to what they speak, even if you do not want to involve much in the conversation.

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