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5 Things Every Indian Father Tells His Daughter

In life we come across a lot of people telling us what to do and how to go about things. In some Indian families there are fathers who play a strict role in their daughter's life. For example: restricting the man she is dating, setting her a curfew and in some cases even arranging her marriage.

Daughters who love this treatment from their lovable fathers find it in their soul to keep mum. But, there are a few women who love to think for themselves and break all these firm rules. Some may find it hilarious and few other women or daughters who go through this totally relate to it.

Here are some of the things Indian fathers strictly tell their daughters. Take a look.

Boys After 18
The one thing that every Indian father tells his daughter after a certain age is that boys should be a part of your life only after 18. Before this age girls don't know the meaning of having a boy as a friend. There are some Indian fathers who love to restrict their daughters with the boys she is friends with.

Curfew Before Sun Sets
The famous liner every Indian father repeats is the curfew time even before his daughter leaves home to attend a party. The calls that follow after is too many to count. Any of you agree?

He Is Not The Right One!
No matter how good or dashing the boy you are in love with fathers are never satisfied with his daughter's choice of boyfriend. Telling her is is not the right one and that she could do much better is another thing all fathers tell their little girls.

Go Abroad To Do Well
‘Only if you go abroad you be able to do well in life" Indian fathers think that dreams can come true only overseas. We are sure daughters beg to differ.

Learn From Your Elders
The most famous line Indian fathers tell their daughters is - ‘pay attention to your elders, they know what is best for you since your still a child and immature'. Haven't you heard this from your father?

Story first published: Tuesday, February 3, 2015, 8:02 [IST]
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