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12 Weird Things Humans Desire For


No human being can live a life without certain wants and desires. There are some people who will go to any extent to achieve the things they want or desire. The weird things humans desire can be at times uncanny or funny. The power to control, ability to eat tons and not get fat are two of the weird things humans desire for.

When it comes to fun, things like travelling the world will be on a lot of people's minds. According to some people, there are things you always feel the need to have, no matter what. Of course, money is important in order for us to survive, which means it is one of the things you always need to have in life.


Boldsky has listed some of the weird things human desire for in life. Take a look at these things we need in order to live a comfortable life:



The need for money is important when it comes to surviving in a big city. More than a majority of people have stated that this is the main thing they desire for.


Travel The World

One of the weird things human desire for is the ability to travel around the world. Those who are elevated about adventures always feel that this is something important to have.


To Have Kids

To have kids is always been on the mind of women after they are wed. Women who are unmarried too feel the desire to have kids, which is why it is one of the things human desire for.


Dream Weddings

If you can afford it, why not have it. But, if you cannot, it becomes one of the things every humans want to have in life.


Never Falling Sick

This is impossible! Every human being would fall ill and get treated. But, there are some who are fed up of being sick all the time that they desire to be fit and healthy again.


Talk About Staying Young

To hide those wrinkles, there are numerous creams available. All the more, there are some people who find it necessary to stay young, until their last breath.


To Meet Their Favourite Celebrity

One of the weird things human desire for in life is to meet their favourite celebrity. However, there are only a few who get this opportunity.


To Eat & Not Get Fat

This could be lovely for those who are foodies! To eat and not to get fat is another weird thing human desire for in their life.


To Obtain Power

To be the most powerful, to be looked up upon and to reign for good is another weird thing human desire for in their life.


Racing To The Future

The weird things human desire for fun is to race into the future and see what it could be like. The ability to also change the future to our liking is also another weird thing humans find the need to have.


No Existence Of Death

If there was no death, all our loved ones would still be with us. There will be no sadness and no pain.


To Live & Be Famous

To live life famously is one of the weird things human desire for fun in life.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 7:01 [IST]
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