11 Things To Say To Pretend You Know The Game Of Football

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When it comes to football, there are basically three types of people. First are those who love the sport, follow it and play the sport. The second category includes people who love the sport but do not necessarily follow it. And the third- they feel a distinct excitement when events like the World Cup prop up but know absolutely nothing about the sport. The third category aren't really aware of the great players, so statistics are a far cry as far as their knowledge contour goes.


But, Just because you don't follow it, doesn't mean that your love to know about the sport is any less. Moreover, you don't need to be an outcast when steamy discussions take center stage. For all those people who'd love to get involved this world cup and be part of this radiating excitement, here are some points that will help you connect with this captivating event.

Here are 11 Things to say to pretend you know football.

10 Things To Say To Pretend You Know The Game Of Football

The greatest player:

Well, the greatest player discussions can get really intense, this, to say the least. But one thing has to be remembered. The discussion would be indubitably centered around the battle for supremacy between Ronaldo and Messi. Just know these names. Also, Maradona and Pele are from a different time. They don't play anymore. So don't get too involved when such a debate emerges. The debate would closely resemble an egg-or-chicken first argument with absolutely no end in sight.

While watching the game- How important is the next goal.

Now your comment on the next goal is crucial. You should be immensely cautious not to blow your cover. So choose when you wish to make the statement "The next goal is crucial". You definitely cannot say this when the scoreline is 4-0, can you?

The benchmark :

Remember, Christiano and Lionel Messi have set the benchmark for the game today. So making a direct comparison to Messi or Ronaldo is something you can do, for all those football lovers know the height of the benchmark set by the two football greats of the current era.

The EPL is a hard place for Messi:

Yes. Messi has never played outside Spain at the club level. So when an argument inevitably turns to a discussion involving Messi, which it most probably will, this is something you might want to mention.

The referee is highly incompetent:

This is a phrase you can use often. Something like "Referees have a knack of getting it wrong every singe time" would be perfect. So whenever the referee goes for the card, you can quote this widely accepted belief.

The substitution:

Whenever you choose to be part of the excitement this world cup, you will always find yourself in an environment where one of the teams is being cheered for more than the other. So if the team you are cheering foe doesn't seem to have the edge, you can mention this line sometime after the first half of the game. But remember, your cover will be blown if the scoreline is a one-sided 3-0 after 60 mins and you mention the fact that a substitution will be crucial.

Who would emerge champions this time around? I'm bored of the Spanish.

Spain won the World Cup in 2010. They won the European title too. So not them again this time around. Moreover, you can mention the fact that their style- tiki taka is getting really boring.

A card might be on its way.

Well, as the match progresses and the heat intensifies, especially sometime after the 70th minute, things can get rough and sometimes go out of gear. So when it becomes evident, you can go ahead and mention it.

Faking the fall:

Well, if a player from the team everyone's cheering for gets a card, you can use this line. Going with the flow is essential though. Sometime like " The yellow was too harsh" would fit in appropriately.

The best time for a goal:

As the match is coming to a close, somewhere during the 80th minute, you might want to mention this. But remember, the scoreline at that point is critical. If the score is say 1-0, you can go ahead and say it.

Too much money ?

Well, you can mention the fact that too much money is ruining the game and jeopardizing a players commitment to give his best for his country, especially when the favorite teams performance is well below par.

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