World Environment Day: Things To Recount

By Syeda Farah Noor

The 5th of June is celebrated as World Environment Day every year. On this day, we often hear several environment-friendly messages from celebrities. All the famous people suddenly become very concerned about the preservation of nature on the World Environment Day. Such politically correct messages from celebrities may make you think they really care about Mother Nature.

Many of the pollution and improper environmental activities have occurred due to these very famous names. There are some organisations like PETA which serve constant reminders to people about how animal rights must be protected. PETA does some really cool campaigns to get public attention.

World Environment Day

On this World Environment Day, we as the world citizens should take notice of certain things. Nature is God's gift to us and there is no where it should not be misused.

This is one of the main reasons as to why we must try to make our lifestyle as environmental friendly as possible. Here are the things that we need to remember on the World Environment Day.

Don't Smoke In Public

Some of our celebrities could really use this advice seriously. Be it the Hollywood hottie Kristen Stewart or our King Khan; or any other celeb, they need to understand that enjoying their nicotine trips in public can have an adverse effect on the people who religiously follow them. Apart from this, they need to support the non-smoking campaigns.

PETA Campaigns Are For Good

Moralist should realise that no matter how scintillating PETA seems to be, they are there for a cause. If we stopped ill-treating animals, then there would be no necessity for them to create such things.

Don't Wear Animal Fur

Wearing real fur may be your desire, but it is not your necessity. So, try to forgo fur, so that animals are not killed for the same reason.

Don't Misuse Water

Water is a natural resource that is hard to get; don't misuse it. In the movie, Life Of Pie all the water you see is in animation. May be Bollywood should take a leaf out of Ang Lee's book.

Stop Cruelty To Animals

Many food chains and huge corporates have been accused of cruelty to animals. It is hard to name a few. Let's make corporate social responsibility a real thing and avoid animals being abused.

Save Tigers, We Have Very Few Left

The Royal Bengal tiger is our National animal. This majestic animal is nearing extinction now due to poaching and encroachment of its habitat. Please pledge yourself to the effort to save tigers.

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