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Why Do We Need A Health Insurance?

By: Asha Das
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Life is a series of expected an unexpected incidents that could directly have a significant impact on your financial situation. Insurance is an assurance of financial support in case of any crisis. Health insurance particularly aims on your health related needs like medical diagnosis and treatment. In this modern world, where we are leading an advanced lifestyle, the need of a health insurance is even more important.

Even though we all are well aware about the importance of a medical insurance, we will not think about taking one until we meet a crisis due to an emergency. This unplanned visit to doctor may change all your family budget plans. The increasing cost of hospitalization and healthcare expenses have made health insurance an inevitable necessity. Here are few points that will help you explain why you need a health insurance.

Why Do We Need A Health Insurance?

Go relaxed to your doctor: Insurance plans offer services not only for a wide range of health issues, but also for your lifestyle. There will be a specific number of certain diseases covered in your medical policy. If you have a health insurance, you can visit your doctor without being stressed. Depending on the doctor's report, you will get a lump sum amount from the company.

Covering hospital expenses: A health insurance plan typically covers the hospitalisation expenses for treatment of diseases and accidents. This includes room rent, medicine expenses, specialist fees, diagnostic expenses and other medical expenses related to the treatment. Pre and post hospitalisation expenses will also be paid to a certain extent, but will depend on the policy you have opted for.

Pay for your gym membership: Many people do not realise that you can easily claim your gym membership and weight management program fees based on the type of health insurance you have chosen. So taking a health insurance will provide you added benefits.

Save tax: We all prefer to have options that will help us save our taxes as well as offer a good return on investment. One of the best investments undoubtedly, is health insurance, which can save a good amount of your income tax bill.

Select the most suitable plan which will be more useful for you, after checking the offer documents for details. Be sure about the conditions, limits, and waiting periods of plans before proceeding with any decision to purchase. Taking a health insurance will definitely offer you peace of mind.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 17:12 [IST]
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