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Weird Things People Do But Don't Admit

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We live in a strange world where there are tons of things people do, but fail to admit doing it. Picking our nose is no such strange habit, but when you do it in public, this act is unacceptable. You may have come across a lot of people who tell you that they have not done most of the things which is on the list given below. But strangely, all human beings have these habits but never admit that they have done it or still do.

Some may say that these are uncommon things which people do on a day to day basis, but never admit to it that they have. Lets take a look at some of the common things you and I do which we never admit in public. These things which have been enlisted below will make you laugh out loud, so do not forget to enjoy yourself and share with us some of the things which is not mentioned below.

Weird Things People Do But Don't Admit

Take a look at these common things people do but never admit that they have done so.

  1. The next time your friend tells you that he/she has plans, it may only mean that she truly has no plans but simply saying she has plans in order to get out of other plans.
  2. One of the most common things since Facebook became famous is most of us using the 'View as' option to see how your profile looks to our crush.
  3. Ignoring a text for a week and then replying to is saying, OMG I am so sorry, just noticed my reply did not go through to you. This is a very common thing most of us do but none of us will admit!
  4. Listening to a song on days end so that you can memorise the song and show off at a party. Do you do this? I am sure that you do.
  5. I am sure you will admit to this. Feeling an overwhelming relief when you get home and realize nobody else is.
  6. It is a very common thing which most of us will not admit - Abandoning all social norms and grammar rules while in conversation with your best friend.
  7. We have come across many with this type of behaviour - Claiming to have read an entire book when you have read the summary off wikipedia.
  8. How many of you have spoken to yourself in the mirror and along side made en number of funny faces too. Will you admit that you did it this morning?
  9. Passing wind - A common thing done by many people who will directly tell you that they never let out their gas! This act is socially unacceptable, but people do not walk around and hold it in until they find solitude.
  10. You do it, I do it, everyone picks their nose! However, you should do it only when there is no audience. But strangely, there are some people who pick their nose in public and continue to dig for gold even if some one is looking at them.
  11. One of the common things many people do not admit that they do is Google themselves when no one is around.
  12. Stalking on Facebook - We do it almost ten times during the day. It is nothing new!
  13. Pretending to be on the phone when you are actually not talking to anyone. Have you done this to avoid someone?
  14. The left and right side of the earphones- There are some people who take this seriously, but never admit that they do.
  15. We smell ourselves. This common act is hilarious and true, but you will never admit that you do so.

These are some of the common things we do but never admit that we have done it.

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Story first published: Monday, September 2, 2013, 10:38 [IST]
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