The Silliest Reasons To Get Fired

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People get fired in their work organisations. In this ever-changing economy, jobs come and go with an ebb and flow. However, it is not at all strange for people to lose their jobs during the economic lows. However, the reason on why you got fired is important. You can get fired from work for legitimate reasons like lack of performance, irregularity or closing of the project. Must some people get fired for the silliest of reasons.

While getting fired is not funny at all, some of the reasons due to which people get fired can be really funny. People around the world have lost their jobs for some really insane reasons.

Get Fired

Here are some of silliest reasons why you can get fired.

Hitting On Boss
It is good to be friendly with your boss. But never get too close for comfort. Always have a professional relationship with your boss. This is especially true if your boss is of an opposite sex. You can easily get fired for trying to hit on your boss. It is a legitimate but funny reason to get fired.

Getting Pregnant
It is totally unethical to fire an employee if she gets pregnant. But many models and actors have got fired from projects because they got pregnant. Under normal circumstances, women are entitled to 3 months of maternity leaves when they get pregnant.

Fighting With Colleagues
No body wants trouble mongers in their team. If you do not get along with anyone in your team and keep starting a fight for small reasons, you might lose your job. Never get into a war of words with your colleagues. It comes back badly on you.

Cocky Facebook Status
If you want to post a cocky status message about your office or job on Facebook, then make sure all the concerned people are blocked on your account. There is hardly any privacy on Facebook. So don't call in for a sick leave and then post a Facebook message saying movie was awesome!

Forwarding Wrong Emails
Suppose you get a funny mail about how your boss can make your life hell and forward it on a quick impulse. It might easily reach your own boss who is there on your mailing list. Now that will make your boss really angry. Getting fired for forwarding the wrong emails is really bizarre.

These are some of the most bizarre reasons for which you can get fired. Do you know anyone who got fired for some silly reason?

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 1:04 [IST]
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